5 Signs You Are A Strong Project Leader

Project managers have a duty to ensure the success of a given project. However, you may be unaware of how you can know you are a strong project manager. Ultimately, these scenarios represent your abilities in this role. The following five scenarios are identifying markers of strong project managers.

Strong Project Managers Have PMP Certification.

A strong project manager understands the value of PMP Certification. However, having this certification does not exempt him or her from continuing to learn new project management skills or expand on the existing education.

You Understand the Motivation Behind the Project.

A strong project manager takes the time to understand the rationale and motivation behind a project. By understanding these core values of a company, a project manager can take a more active and encouraging role in the project.

You Discuss Problems With the Company and Employees.

When faced with a challenging situation, a project manager must think out of the box and come up with a viable solution to the issue. Since they can easily be responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of other workers and oversight in a project, he or she must be willing to address problems in an open manner with all workers and company officials. Secrecy leads to distrust, which weakens a project manager’s morals and skill set.

You Do Not Change Contracts.

Many contractual positions in a project have been in place for decades and have grown in accordance with company and worker needs. However, a project manager may be tempted to alter such contracts to gain favor with one of the parties in the contract.

A strong project manager never makes changes to contracts to throw favor in one direction. However, he or she may review such contracts and make recommendations to those of higher authority that would improve efficiency and have an overall positive impact for all contractual parties.

You Always Err on the Side of Caution.

A strong project manager knows even the most carefully laid plans can turn into a disaster in specific circumstances. As a result, they never make impossible promises to stakeholders or others within the company. He or she will always be optimistically cautious. If something exceeds what was thought possible, then he or she may celebrate. However, this celebration is never a signal to begin making impossible promises in the future.

When you are interviewing for a position as a project manager, you will probably be asked to list your assets and potential value to the company. This is code for “are you a strong project manager?” Think of these five scenarios, and speak about them during your interview, and you will show your dedication to ensuring a successful project.

Key Takeaway

  • Strong project managers have PMP Certification.
  • Strong project managers understand the reasoning behind a project.
  • All problems should be confronted openly.
  • Contracts should never be changed to gain favor with a contractual party. 
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