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Software Implementation & Integration

Implementing enterprise-wide PPM tools can be a daunting task. A high level of process, functional and technical expertise is critical for project management initiatives.

As its first implementation partner, IMS was instrumental in the development of the original Primavera P6 project planning software. We have the knowledge and experience to help you unleash its unique capabilities.

Our Oracle-certified team leverages 25 years of experience and technical expertise to provide a seamless implementation of project management software enterprise wide. IMS technicians can get your Oracle Primavera P6 software running with a remote installation or upgrade.

We also offer configuration and process workshops so your team can realize the full benefits of this powerful software suite.

PPM Consulting


We understand every organization is different, not only the people, but their goals, challenges and budgets. So our approach starts with an assessment. We review the business processes, people and technology. We conduct interviews with executives and stakeholders to understand the desired state and the challenges they are facing getting there. Our deliverable includes findings, recommendations, and a roadmap.

Installations and Upgrades

Our deep bench of Oracle Primavera, network and infrastructure technical experts can quickly get your Primavera P6 software running with a remote installation or upgrade services. After hundreds of installs, we have the process down to an art, making life as simple as possible. We’ve also been providing application hosting services for more than a decade, now offered through our NEW Primavera Customer Success Subscription.

Data Migrations

Data migration can be challenging, whether it’s from a substantially older version of Oracle Primavera P6 or a competitive product. We understand the common pitfalls and can assist at every stage of the process, from data normalization to verification and validation. This enables our clients to rapidly deploy their solutions and enable teams to capitalize on their technology investments.

Oracle Primavera P6 Training

Oracle Primavera P6 is a comprehensive tool that provides decision-makers with the information needed to make critical decisions. But the key is enabling the people using the tool. Whether you are a project manager, engineer, scheduler, or involved in project planning, management, or reporting, it’s important that you acquire the skills necessary to maximize the software’s potential.

IMS is one of only three Oracle Authorized Education Providers in the United States and the only one specializing in and delivering Primavera P6 training. We offer both Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals and Advanced training, as well as Essentials and Special Topics courses.

We also offer the flexibility to complete our training courses virtually, in person, or at your own pace, from anywhere. We focus on a dynamic and interactive experience, making learning enjoyable and easy for all.

Our trainers differentiate us with their skill. They are practitioners who use Primavera every day, and understand the daily work of our students. Don’t be misled by education providers claiming their training is Oracle Certified (when it is not). We’re a long-standing member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, a certified Oracle Primavera Trainer, and Oracle Primavera’s go-to solution provider for implementation and training of its Fortune 500 customers.


PPM Coaching

Our coaching service provides an opportunity for our customers to buy time with one of our process and application subject matter experts (SME).

This time can be used for mentoring, solving application problems, training on specific topics, making configuration changes or many other tasks where our SMEs can create quick wins and build a foundation of long-term business value.


PPM Software Support & Help Desk

Sometimes organizations work to resolve support issues internally, pulling IT and project management resources away from their projects, which can jeopardize the success of other applications and may begin to affect the bottom line.

We recognize this challenge and provide an outsourced support solution to take the burden off your internal teams and into the hands of our specialists.

IMS’ Premium Support is an on-demand offering, providing functional and technical service purchased in discounted bulk hours. Our Premium Support packages offer bankable hours for 12 months, starting with a minimum of 10 hours.


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