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Software Implementation & Integration

Deploying comprehensive Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools across your organization can seem challenging. Achieving your project management goals requires significant process, functional, and technical mastery.

As the inaugural implementation partner for Primavera P6 project planning software, IMS played a pivotal role in shaping this powerful tool. Our extensive knowledge and seasoned experience equip us to help you unlock the full potential of Primavera P6.

Our team, certified by Oracle, wields over two decades of industry experience and technical prowess, promising a smooth implementation of enterprise-wide project management software. We offer both remote installation and upgrades of your Oracle Primavera P6 software, ensuring it runs optimally with minimal disruption to your operations.

In addition, we provide detailed configuration and process workshops. Our goal is to empower your team, enabling them to harness the full spectrum of benefits offered by this robust software suite. Trust IMS for unparalleled software integration solutions that drive your project management success.

PPM Consulting


Every organization is unique, with diverse goals, challenges, and budgets. We begin with a comprehensive assessment, analyzing business processes, technology, and team dynamics. Through interviews with executives and stakeholders, we pinpoint your desired state and the roadblocks preventing you from reaching it. Our deliverables provide actionable insights, tailored recommendations, and a strategic roadmap to guide you towards your objectives, optimizing your business for success.

Installations and Upgrades

Efficiently deploy and enhance your Oracle Primavera software with our seasoned technical specialists. Benefit from seamless remote installation or upgrade services, as our extensive experience ensures a hassle-free process. Simplify your operations with our renowned application hosting services, now available through our innovative Primavera Customer Success Subscription. Trust our deep expertise in Primavera, network, and infrastructure to optimize your system and maximize productivity. Explore our offerings today for swift and reliable installations, upgrades, and ongoing support.

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Data Migrations

Data Migrations made easy! Our experts excel at seamless data migration, whether you're transitioning from an older Oracle Primavera P6 version or a rival product. We tackle the entire process, from data normalization to thorough verification and validation. Our support enables swift solution deployment, empowering teams to maximize their tech investments. Trust us for hassle-free data migration solutions that deliver results. Unlock your data's potential today!

Oracle Primavera P6 Training

Oracle Primavera P6 is a comprehensive tool that provides decision-makers with the information needed to make critical decisions. But the key is enabling the people using the tool. Whether you are a project manager, engineer, scheduler, or involved in project planning, management, or reporting, it’s important that you acquire the skills necessary to maximize the software’s potential.

Unlock the full potential of Oracle Primavera P6 with IMS, the leading Oracle Authorized Education Provider in the United States. Our comprehensive training equips project managers, engineers, schedulers, and project planning professionals with the skills they need to make critical decisions and drive success.

Choose from our range of courses, including Primavera P6 Professional Essentials, and Special Topics. As an Oracle Authorized Education Provider specializing in Primavera P6 training, we offer unrivaled expertise and insights.

Experience flexibility like never before. Attend our training virtually, in person, or at your own pace from anywhere. We prioritize dynamic and interactive learning, ensuring an enjoyable and effortless educational journey for all.

What sets us apart? Our trainers. Our practitioners use Primavera P6 daily, intimately understanding the challenges and intricacies of the software. Unlike other education providers, we are certified Oracle Primavera Trainers and trusted by Fortune 500 companies for implementation and training.

Don’t settle for anything less. Choose IMS for Oracle Primavera P6 training and unleash your true potential while gaining the skills that differentiate you.


PPM Coaching

Our coaching service provides an opportunity for our customers to buy time with one of our process and application subject matter experts (SME).

This time can be used for mentoring, solving application problems, training on specific topics, making configuration changes or many other tasks where our SMEs can create quick wins and build a foundation of long-term business value.


PPM Software Support & Help Desk

Sometimes organizations work to resolve support issues internally, pulling IT and project management resources away from their projects, which can jeopardize the success of other applications and may begin to affect the bottom line.

We recognize this challenge and provide an outsourced support solution to take the burden off your internal teams and into the hands of our specialists.

IMS’ Premium Support is an on-demand offering, providing functional and technical service purchased in discounted bulk hours. Our Premium Support packages offer bankable hours for 12 months, starting with a minimum of 10 hours.


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