Project Schedule, Cost & Risk Management

On Time and Within Budget

We ensure the schedule suits the execution strategy, the cost is budget controlled, and the risk is visible.

Schedule, cost and risk management are the fundamental pillars of our project planning and controls services. Predictability of cost and schedule performance is crucial to attain the performance goals of your project, and so is integrating project changes into your project plan in a timely manner.

Our team of qualified professionals can work with your project managers, engineers, and others to develop and execute a comprehensive project management plan for planning and controlling the schedule, cost, risk, and changes.

Project Planning & Controls

Schedule Management

Schedule management includes the processes required to ensure timely completion of the project, forecasting, and managing baselines, We track, manage and report schedules, as well as perform "what if” analysis and develop work arounds to get a delayed schedule back on track.

Cost Management

Cost control is the process of measuring cost variances from the baseline and taking appropriate action. Our SME’s can help your project office incorporate estimates into the schedule, create a time-phased budget, and set a baseline for resource and cost.

Risk Management

Risk has two parts: the chance that something will go wrong, and if it does, what are the consequences. We’ll work with your team to identify, document and track opportunities and risk, determine the impact, exposure and triggers, and implement responses to mitigate the risk.

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