Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Our EPPM Solution

Ensure rational, logical and justifiable project selection decisions with IMS’ project and portfolio management solutions. We consider the strategic objectives of your organization, resource limitations and performance targets within a single process. The benefits of EPPM are:

  • Gain real-time visibility to make rapid, well-informed decisions
  • Implement governance processes with built-in models and workflows
  • Increase collaboration between management and delivery teams
  • Operationalize best practices and automate portfolio processes
  • Monitor and control risks, issues, and financials across portfolios
  • Gain 360-degree view across all projects and operations

IMS provides cloud and on-premise EPPM software solutions that enable project success by improving efficiency, connecting stakeholders, delivering insights, and enhancing visibility and control across the project portfolio lifecycle.


Benefits of a Streamlined Portfolio Management Process

Key Business Objectives

Prioritize projects based on close alignment with the stated business objectives.

Performance Targets

Identify projects not performing to expectations and ROI impact.

Resource Limitations

Determine resource requirements and the impact of acquiring more.

Interdependencies Between Projects

Assess the impact of a change to one project on the entire portfolio.

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