5 Qualities of a Successful Project Control Professional

Modern corporations and clients need successful project control professionals. However, the definition of successful can be misleading, and some project control professionals may avoid applying for a position for fear of rejection.

Fortunately, the definition of success can be best exemplified by identifying its key qualities. Take a look at how these five qualities characterize successful project control professionals.

1. Successful Project Control Professionals Have Strong Leadership Skills

Being the boss and being the leader are two different things. Having an authoritative role means other workers are obligated to follow you. However, being a leader means other workers and individuals want to follow you. A successful project control professional understands this distinction and works on acting as a leader, not only a boss.

2. Successful Project Control Professionals Communicate Clearly

Your employees and coworkers cannot possibly hope to please you without instruction. Successful professionals understand the value in clear, consistent communication, and many opt to implement routine training and feedback sessions with coworkers or employees to gain an additional perspective of the job. This helps to build a rapport with coworkers, which further strengthens the role of leader.

3. Successful Professionals Know How to Balance Caution and Resolve

Analyzing factors is part of a project control professional’s job description. However, being over-analytical can result in costly delays. Rather than focusing on finding a definitive solution, successful project control professionals know when to move forward with plans or continue working on finding a solution. This can be tricky, but it basically goes back to instinct.

4. Strong Professionals Control and Consider Their Instincts and Emotions

A project control professional becomes intimately familiar with a project’s requirements, and this can lead to the development of emotions about how to best approach the project. Rather than allowing emotions to get in the way, successful professionals put success above emotion. Furthermore, these individuals will trust their instincts when judging different parts of a project. However, these instincts are not necessarily reflective of their emotional-connection with the project.

5. Strong Project Control Professionals Understand They Are Not the Only Ones Working

There is no “I” in team. Successful professionals always rely on the combined efforts, experience, and skill set of project management team members, coworkers, skilled workers, and upper-level management executives. This is a fundamental part of leadership. If any person feels under valued, the goal of gaining the trust and respect of others is harmed, and strong project control professionals know that every person is required to complete a job successfully.

Successful project controllers have many different qualities, but the best qualities are often qualities of any successful individual. If you exhibit these qualities, you have the skills and mindset to be a successful project control professional. If not, you may want to work on developing each of these qualities.

Key Qualities to Remember

  • Everything goes back to being a leader.
  • Communication is key.
  • Exercise caution, but act as well.
  • Consider instincts and emotions, but always put the project’s benefit above emotions.
  • Work with, not against, your team.
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