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Since 1993, IMS has worked hand-in-glove with our clients to design, implement, support and evolve their project management systems, and provide the staff to improve their project delivery success.

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For over 25 years, Innovative Management Solutions has supported forward-thinking companies as they transition from traditional processes to digital and integrated project workflows. We’ve also helped countless teams get the best out of their PPM software — because having a shiny new toy is nice, but knowing how to use it is everything.

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Consulting, Training & Support

Elevate your Project Portfolio Management (PPM) efficiency with our Oracle-certified experts in Primavera software. Accelerate adoption, optimize critical tasks, and boost both project-level and enterprise-wide productivity with our tailored consulting, training, and support services.

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Cloud Hosting

Experience unparalleled server performance and fortified security with our dedicated hosting for P6 software. We ensure optimal performance, reduced downtime, robust data recovery, and advanced protection against threats. Our expert technicians are your trusted partners in mastering Primavera.

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Schedule, Cost & Risk Management

Achieve your project goals with predictable cost and schedule performance. Our team collaboratively develops and executes a plan with your project managers, engineers, and stakeholders, ensuring control over schedule, cost, risk, and changes. Turn predictability into your project's strength.

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Reports, Dashboards & Analytics

Empowering informed project decisions, we leverage powerful analytics to craft optimal reporting and dashboards. Whether through our ready-to-use solution or tailored development, we ensure your ability to make logical, justifiable decisions based on data insights.

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Document & Communication Management

Streamline your project management with our documentation services, making tracking of drawing revisions and RFI responses effortless. Stay ahead with efficient administration and seamless project communication, freeing your focus for what truly matters.

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Claims Analysis and Mitigation

Prevent project hiccups before they escalate with our proactive approach to establishing contractual standards. We guide you in planning, managing, and reporting potential delays or issues. Learn real-time analysis of delay effects to keep your projects on track.

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