10 Benefits of Reading the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

Advancing your career can feel overwhelming in project management. There are literally thousands of resources at your disposal, but you still have to find time to work and study.

Rather than searching for endless resources, you should consider reading the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). By reading the PMBOK, you will gain the following benefits.

1. PMBOK Benefits Those Preparing for the PMP Exam

Since the PMP examination is widely considered to be the “Gold Standard” in project management, you need to know as much as possible about project management processes and best practices. As a result, the PMBOK should be your first study guide for the PMP exam.

2. PMBOK Counts as Professional Development Units

Reading and studying the PMBOK counts as professional Development Units (PDUs), which help your organization stay in accordance with industry standards.

3. Easy Breakdown of Project Management Steps

A project is broken down into steps, and each of these steps can be further broken down. Unfortunately, some steps can be difficult to figure out, but the PMBOK teaches you how to breakdown complex processes into simple steps.

4. Expansion of Experience Into Other Fields and Industries

Regardless of your current industry, you will likely need to expand your experience. Fortunately, the advice is in the PMBOK is applicable to all industries as they relate to project management.

5. Tested Methodologies to Project Management

The PMBOK offers tested methodologies and evidence-based practices to ensure you know what you’re doing, how to do it, and why other methodologies may not work.

6. Global Recognition of the PMBOK

The PMBOK is translated into 11 other languages, which have helped make it one of the most recognized resources for project managers on the globe. As a result, its lessons can be of use when collaborating with individuals and organizations from other countries and cultures.

7. Provides Standardization of Processes

Standardization of processes remains at the heart of all effective business models and plans. In project management, the PMBOK provides a way or transforming isolated processes into a complete, standardized, and collaborative effort.

8. Reduced Overhead Costs of the Project Management Team

The PMBOK further enhances your career by reducing overhead costs to the project management team. This may include training on steps, recognition of inconsistencies, and the ever growing influence of a work breakdown structure in the field.

9. Provides Understanding of Traditional Methodologies

A project manager is only as good as his or her knowledge of what does and what does not benefit a project. The PMBOK includes references to traditional methodologies and explains why these methodologies are flawed.

10. Increased Accuracy in Processes

Accuracy is critical in project management, and the PMBOK ensures all processes are accurate by eliminated unnecessary workflows.

The decision to read the PMBOK may seem like a boring venture. In reality, the PMBOK is one of the best ways to advance your career and improve your skills as a project manager, and reading it will provide you with more benefits than most other publications.

Key Takeaway

  • The PMBOK counts as PDUs and is an excellent resource when preparing for the PMP exam.
  • It teaches easy breakdown of complex project management steps and allows project managers to expand their careers into other industries.
  • Tested methodologies and global recognition of the PMBOK improve communication skills among team members.
  • PMBOK provides standardization and reduces overhead costs within the project management team.
  • The PMBOK compares traditional processes with best practices, leading to increased accuracy and efficiency in today’s project management processes.
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