Client Reviews

Since 1993, IMS has provided exceptional project management services
to leading organizations across a number of different industries.

Mass. Electric Construction Company

Mass. Electric Construction Co. has chosen Innovative Management Solutions as our Project Controls provider for the Texas High Speed Rail Program. The work they are providing includes the schedule System, Process and People to support the Program Integrated Master Schedule. IMS' professionalism, flexibility and knowledgebase has allowed our team to function at a high level.

- Mark Williams, VP/Area Manager

Syngenta/GB Biosciences

"Innovative Management Solutions (IMS) performed an outstanding job hosting and implementing the Primavera Scheduling System (P6) at GB Biosciences (GBB)." "IMS is supportive, responsive and agile." "Overall, IMS has done an exceptional job fulfilling GBB’s expectations and job requirements." "IMS was utilized as an integrated partner to plan and implement our site annual outage schedule." "GBB has been very pleased with the services and support provided by IMS and we highly recommend them.

- Sam Low, Engineering Manager Capital Projects Group


"Innovative Management Solutions (IMS) performed and continues to perform an outstanding job with the implementation and support of our Primavera Scheduling System (P6) for all major EPC Projects at the INEOS Oligomers Chocolate Bayou Chemical Facility in Alvin, TX." "IMS provided and continues to provide an excellent team of professional personnel who performed detailed plan assessment and methodology analysis for our major EPC Contractors such that we could realize our strategic goals with the P6 system." "In addition, IMS mobilized a claims defense team consisting of a number of highly skilled and professional individuals who worked closely in cooperation with the INEOS team members and performed an outstanding job throughout and provided critical support documentation." "IMS did what ever it took to get the job done, and was a true business partner along the way. With both teams being accommodating and easy to work with and worked what ever hours necessary to get their assignments completed, on time, and earned the respect of both myself and our other business stakeholders." "I personally appreciate the effort put forth by the IMS teams as a whole. I highly recommend them and I would definitely hire them again in the future.

- Ray Spaulding, General Project Manager

Houston Metro

"METRO has worked with IMS during one of the largest projects in METRO history to date. Due to the foresight of IMS, METRO was able to move forward expeditiously." "METRO has been very pleased with the services provided by IMS and we are please to recommend them to other companies in need of Project Management Services."

- Jose A. Castellanos, P.E., Director of Program Management Support Services

United States Coast Guard

"The project – which involved upgrading four major Oracle components, including installation and configuration – was anything but easy. However, working with IMS was easy." "IMS crafted a contract to meet budget requirements. IMS provided quality, professional on and off-site support when it was needed. IMS responded quickly to project developments, often independently performing overnight research and troubleshooting. Most importantly, IMS did not leave until the job was done – and even provided technical documentation to ensure production delivery went according to plan. What is more, even after the job was done, IMS continued to check-in regularly and extend offers of support." "In a word, IMS was adaptable. They fully committed to this project, and they fully made it their mission – no matter the cost."

- Christen M. Davis, Project Manager

Manhattan Construction Company

"From product purchases, to training, to P6 Enterprise setup, configuration and database maintenance, we rely on IMS truly for all things P6." "...responsive and thorough in their approach to the needs of their clients" "They are dependable, reliable, and we can actually speak to a knowledgable person to get the issue resolved."

- Joe Mannon, Director of Scheduling

Trinity River Vision Authority

"...very pleased with the services provided by IMS which support management in making pro-active decisions..." "...IMS' experience, technical and functional skills, combined with their strong foundation in project controls has been helpful in managing the TRVA program." " to work well with TRVA proprietary software and integrate the information into their reports." "...a pleasure to work with, demonstrates flexibility in meeting deadlines, provides reports that are concise and informative."

- Woody Frossard - Project Manager


"The IMS response was remarkably fast, with a highly qualified team of professionals." "Besides being talented in the area of planning and controls, the team had a good grasp of processes involved with modifications to a production facility and they were easy to work with."

M.G. Foot - O. & M. Consultant

Northrop Grumman

"...absolutely professional organization, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done." "...demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of project management and scheduling methodologies and relational database applications." "...are truly experts in their field and we strongly recommend them for any complex and difficult project." "...professional, intelligent, resourceful, and dedicated team players." "Their ingenious suggestions enabled us to develop a sound approach to the problem and their perseverance and dedication enabled us to develop, refine, document, and deliver a complete and accurate project."

-Henry P. Dolim, Jr. - System Engineering


"…easy to work with, worked late and long hours…and earned the respect of both our team and our customers." "…highly recommend them, and would hire them again." "IMS did whatever it took to get the job done, and under IMS' direction, the problems we were experiencing evaporated." "IMS responded quickly with an excellent team of professional personnel who were able to quickly diagnose the problem areas, recommend creative and practical solutions, and implement those solutions on schedule and within the agreed budget."

-Lou Amorosi - Taurus Deputy Program Manager

Beal Aerospace Technologies Inc

"...achieved the formation of a functioning Program Controls Group ahead of schedule." "...Beal Aerospace Technologies, Inc. is pleased to give its highest recommendation to any potential client for IMS. It is difficult to imagine how we would be managing this effort without their dedicated, conscientious and expert assistance." "...functions as a team and readily adapts in this dynamic, high pressure environment." "...making significant contributions to the Program." "...proactive with all levels of the organization." "...provided the expertise to implement their suggestions." "...provided top-notch resources."

-Scott Frazier - Program Manager

Department of Veterans Affairs

"IMS participation was critical in enabling the VA Enterprise Enrollment replacement system to stay on track." "IMS helped bring order out of chaos by working hand in hand with VA senior leadership in the construction of an integrated master schedule..." "IMS has been and continues to be a trusted source for management consultation and project management solutions for the Department of Veterans Affairs."

- Gerard J. Lowe - Program Manager, Office of Information & Technology

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp.

"IMS assisted us in implementation of the software, developed processes to integrate the software with our IT Planning process, Solution Delivery Methodology, and Martin Tate methodology and made invaluable recommendations regarding project support staffing levels and organization." "IMS demonstrated outstanding flexibility in meeting the needs of BNSF." "IMS rapidly provided cost effective customized tool training to enable an accelerated roll out to tool users in preparation for our 2002 projects." "IMS's professionalism, depth and breadth of knowledge concerning project management software tools, processes and organization has been outstanding." "The people at IMS are truly project management professionals in every sense of the designation and we strongly recommend them for any complex and difficult project." "Their team was easy to work with and earned the respect of our TeamPlay implementation team and the BNSF Technology Services department."

-John Burke - Senior Manager


"…appreciated the quality of the people that you sent to us. They were well trained, positive and supportive." "…quite obviously experts in TeamPlay." "…related well with our team and with our user community." "…saved us time, frustration and rework." "…were all eager to do whatever it took to make the project successful and to assist our users." "As the Project Manager for the Enterprise Project Management Project, I would like to extend the appreciation of the project team and myself to you in recognition of your contribution to the success of our project." "At a time when we were struggling with how to best implement the cost tracking aspects of TeamPlay, you quickly cut through the issues to help us develop a cost accounting process that worked effectively." "Thank you so much for all that you did, personally and as the President of IMS, to make our TeamPlay implementation project a success."

-Bette Stephens - Project Manager, EPM Project

National Oilwell Varco

"For over a year, we have had the pleasure of working with Innovative Management Solutions (IMS) to help implement Primavera P6 within our company. As best described by several of our implementation team members, "IMS was the most professional company we have ever worked with." "After going through an extensive evaluation process of the top EPM solutions in the market today, we selected Primavera P6 over Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. During the evaluation process, IMS not only displayed exceptional knowledge of Primavera, but they provided valuable project management expertise that showed they and Primavera were the obvious choice for us to partner with." "Throughout or engagement, IMS was professional, enjoyable to work with, and dedicated to meeting our requirements. Not only did they exceed our expectations in their ability to deliver a fantastic solution, tailored to our specific business needs, but they did so on time and within our budget. Rarely does a company deliver on time, on budget, and with high quality, yet IMS proved to be the exception." "Innovative Management Solutions not only employs talented, experienced people but they are a company of integrity and high ethical standards. Simply put, they will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations and get the job done right. I recommend IMS to anyone needing a solution for managing projects or people better, improving business processes, or successfully implementing a software solution. IMS is truly in a world-class organization."

- Ryan Laughlin - Director Project Management Technology

National Oilwell Varco

"It is my pleasure to recommend Innovative Management Solutions, Inc. (IMS) to any company seeking assistance in project management and/or project management training." "While attending their training courses on Project Scheduling and Project Management, I learned a great deal of extremely useful information that I can, and will apply to my work every day. Not to mention the added benefit of simultaneously being prepped for the PMP exam." "The knowledge that I gained from this course had made a significant impact on the effectiveness and quality of my work. It has enabled me to become much more efficient and resourceful by demonstrating the correct way to manage a project, and how to identify and use the tools to do the job right." "It is evident that the instructors at IMS are very well versed in the field of Project Management. Not once throughout the course were they ever vague or unclear on a subject. They always took the time to answer our questions and give a detailed explanation. In fact, one of the things that I like the most, was that they always used real-life examples on subjects that we could relate to in order to make us better understand the subject on hand." "Their instructors are naturals when it comes to public speaking. They were very proactive and always kept my attention. I never once felt bored or uninterested. I think the rest of the class felt the same way. This was by far the best seminar/training course I've ever attended." "Should the need arise, whether it be for further training or consulting services, IMS will be my first choice in my future as a PMP!"

-Alex Vega - Project Scheduler


"They have provided us with consistent quality support in a number of ways including scheduling and resource analysis." "We have received excellent support from IMS and found them to be professional, willing and capable of fulfilling whatever needs we have had...positive and enjoyable to work with."

-Mike Whyles - Project Control Director

Wild Well Control, Inc.

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete thanks to you and for the efforts of the IMS staff for their dynamic participation, leadership, training and professionalisms'." "The instant that IMS personnel arrived till the time the installation was completed included the post-support efforts were incomparable"

- Michael E. Muhlenburg - Executive, Project Support Services and Controls, Marine Division

Johnson Controls, Inc

Recently, Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI), contracted with Innovative Management Solutions (IMS) for a 90 day commitment period on the ExxonMobil Security Upgrade System Project in Baytown, Texas. The scope of work for IMS was to supply expertise to enhance and finalize JCI's Construction Schedule and Project Deliverables. This period allowed JCI time to hire a direct resource for Project Planning to complete the project. IMS provided a resource with extensive experience and knowledge in Project Control who immediately grasped the solution. He made the following series of recommendations, implemented over time, that improved the: deliverables, value of the Construction Schedule progress basis, and JCI's and ExxonMobil's ability to use the Project Plan as an important and critical management tool. Converted from MS Project to Primavera P6 and created a realistic Critical Path Report, developed Progress Curves based on Earned Man Hours derived from resources, eliminated indirect resource hours (i.e. staff loading) from the progress baseline, and converted Duration Percent Complete to Physical Percent Complete. Assisted JCI Site Management in analyzing the slow rate of progress on the project. IMS provided its insight, expertise and experience to show that more scope was being added week by week than work was being accomplished, and was diluting the progress rate. Determined that significant work scope was missing from the original MS Project Schedule and initiated a concentrated effort to include this work and totally revamped the Project Plan. IMS directed the efforts of the major Contractors, and worked closely with the JCI Project Manager to identify the added work, retested project logic, and provided a new plan for realistic completion of the Project. Implemented "Steps" in project activities saving 380 line items in the schedule which enabled the Major Contractors to replicate these steps in Excel to streamline the weekly updating process. Set up "Go to Meeting" conference calls with Small Contractors and trained them how to utilize the system process to report their progress each week. "IMS never lost sight of the long range goals, even under periods of high stress. They provided high level support when required, and accomplished a professional turnover." "I look forward to working with IMS in the future. The professionals at IMS have a depth and breadth of knowledge, extensive experience and a unique expertise. IMS is a Company who truly lives up to the "results matter" motto."

-Walter Prusak - Project Manager

Parkland Hospital

"We have been very pleased with the services it is my pleasure to recommend IMS to other companies in need of Project Control services." "A program of this size requires the involvement of several contractors and departments working together in a cohesive fashion. Such an undertaking would have been overwhelming without the assistance of IMS." "The experience, professionalism, and expertise IMS provided to this project were unmatched." "IMS created a very strong foundation for this Project Controls group that will enable Parkland and our contractors to manage this program to its successful completion." "IMS exceeded my expectations while providing their deliverables on time and under budget. I highly recommend the Project Control services of IMS."

Patrick M. Casey, AIA - Senior Program Controls Manager - New Parkland Campus, Office of Program Management

Sundt Construction, Inc.

"Innovative Management Solutions (IMS) performed an outstanding job with the implementation and support of our Primavera Scheduling System." "IMS responded quickly with an excellent team of professional personnel who provided a detailed plan and methodology of how we could realize our strategic goals..." "IMS staff always recommended creative and practical solutions, and assisted with the implementation on schedule and under the agreed budget." "The team was easy to work with, worked late and long hours when necessary, and earned the respect of both my IT staff and business stakeholders." "I personally appreciate the effort put forth by the IMS team as a whole. I highly recommend them, and would hire them again."

- Chris M. Lake - Vice President/Director of IT


"[IMS]…researched and implemented a computer project management program that most closely matched our company needs and budget, then further customized the package to suit our particular needs." "…outstanding organization, communication and interpersonal skills." "Their efforts have resulted in a level of management sophistication unmatched in our industry giving us a distinct advantage over our competitors, but most importantly, strengthened relationships between the company and our clients."

-Curtis Quillin - President

Craig Olden, Inc.

"As a growing company in the heavy construction industry, we have been searching for an enterprise management solution that would increase the efficiency of our organization allowing us to handle more work with less overhead. Our search led us to Innovative Management Solutions. IMS has become a valued member of our team. The organization's professional staff has years of proven experience regarding project management theories and practices. Match this with their knowledge of Primavera P6 and you have a formula for success. We are currently in the implementation process and we have been very pleased with the level of service and attention given to our account. IMS is committed to understanding our company's needs and designing the Primavera suite to be a valuable tool for our organization. From product purchase, service, customization, training, and use IMS delivers management solutions that work. We look forward to a continued relationship with IMS and highly recommend their organization to other companies seeking improved project management solutions. The bottom line, if you want a positive return on your software investment, contact IMS."

- Trevor Bray -Vice President

Primavera Systems

"Their team is a pleasure to work with and is comprised of dedicated individuals whose expertise and years of project management experience ensure client satisfaction and successful implementations of enterprise-wide project management solutions."

- Ken Smith - Manager, Consulting Professional Services

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