Reports, Dashboards & Analytics

Reports, Dashboards & Analytics

Gain actionable project intelligence with customized and role-based insights.

Working collaboratively, we consider your strategic objectives, performance targets and KPIs to apply robust analytics, develop optimal reporting and deploy best-practice dashboards through our off-the-shelf solution or custom development. This ensures you’re making rational, logical and justifiable project decisions.

Our team has years of experience in project management so we’re able to work with you to enhance existing reporting capabilities. We are also uniquely qualified to unearth insights through the development of new dashboards and reports specific to your business needs.

Integrated Project Portfolio Management Resources

Custom Report Writing

Information is vital to successful project management. There are times when the built-in reports are unable to deliver the necessary information. IMS has the capability to design reports to your specifications, with the tools you prescribe, to pull your data from your data repository in the format you want.


Our optional dashboarding service has pre-configured dashboards built using project management best practices. We can modify dashboards to suit your specific business needs, as well as provide access to our self-service portal. Our dashboards are constantly evolving to address a broader spectrum of capabilities.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics services can give you actionable project intelligence and role-based insights. We will understand your strategic objectives, KPIs, and targets to apply robust analytics. Then provide optimal reporting with a best practice dashboard to help you make project decisions in real-time.

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