3 Ways to Advance Your Career with a PMP Training Course

The field of project management is in a constant state of change. New software comes out periodically, and new technologies are always changing how activities and tasks are completed throughout your project. 

As a project manager, you need to be aware of these changes when they occur. However, you can show your current and prospective employers that you care about your career by obtaining your PMP Certification. A PMP training course is your first step towards advancing your career in three unique ways.

Increase Your Salary With a PMP Training Course

An increased salary is one of the greatest benefits of passing the PMP Certification Exam. The PMP Certification is the only globally-recognized certification for project managers, and employers understand that certification warrants a higher salary. As with any field, continuing education and certification allows you to showcase your skills while enhancing your image. Some employers may even give you a boost in your salary upon completion of a PMP training course. However, you should not expect to see the largest increase until you have passed the examination. Since you have taken the steps towards obtaining your PMP Certification by taking a PMP training course, you will be advancing your career as well.

Gain New Skills

Not only does a PMP training course prepare you to take the PMP Certification Exam, but it also teaches you how to address new challenges and maintain control over your projects. Throughout a PMP training course, you will learn how to identify potential problems before they develop, how to enforce disciplinary measures, and how to ensure your project is successful.

Additionally, you will gain new skills to create more efficient schedules, motivate your workers, and meet deadlines when physical resources have become scarce. You should also consider how you will learn new tactics and strategies from other students in the course, regardless of if the course is taken online or in-person.

Enhance Your Chances of Passing the PMP Certification

In close relation to increasing your salary, preparation for the PMP Certification gives you access to new career opportunities. For example, some companies may require all project managers to have passed, or at least be preparing to take the PMP Certification Exam.  You need to take the test seriously, especially if you are paying for the examination out of your own pocket. Basically, each time you retake the exam, you are losing money. If your employer is paying for the examination, a failing score could cost you your job, which depends on the policies of your respective employer.

Without a doubt, PMP Certification is the key to your future success as a project manager. Have you considered if all employers made PMP Certification a requirement for employment in the future? Could you afford to take extensive periods of time off to prepare for the exam? Rather than taking the PMP Certification Exam without preparing, you need to take a PMP training course now.

Key Takeaway

  • PMP training courses can influence your employer to increase your current pay. Upon passing the exam, your pay will rise even higher.
  • You will gain new skills and insight into your projects when you take a PMP training course, which includes insights from others taking the course.
  • If you do not take a PMP training course, you increase your chances of failing on the first attempt. Each subsequent attempt will cost you money, which would have been better spent on a PMP training course in the first place.
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