What to Look for in a BPM Provider

Enterprises continue to search for better ways of operating to stay competitive and relevant to target markets. And business process management (BPM) is a means of achieving this feat. Process management for enterprises results in significant benefits for the agility, visibility, and efficiency of a business, keys to reducing costs. Meanwhile, a BPM provider can help organizations identify processes that contribute to problems. But, you also need to think about how they contribute to success.

Identification and correction of process inconsistencies give enterprises a means of standardizing processes. To meet increasing demand for process management, BPM providers have redefined what it means to create and use process management in the industry. To help you select an appropriate BPM partner, you need to know the top characteristics of the best providers.

A High-Quality BPM Provider Should Exhibit Experience and Knowledge

When you hire a new team member for your project, why do you ask about his or her previous experience in the field? You do so to find out more about how well they will be able to fulfill the responsibilities of an available position. This concept continues when thinking about a possible partnership with a process management provider.

A high-quality provider will exhibit experience and knowledge in process management from the start, including the use of advanced, next-generation analytics programs to analyze existing processes. In addition, advanced analytics are essential to gaining visibility. Meanwhile, the goal of any BPM provider should revolve around giving your team the tools and resources necessary to reduce costs and increase visibility across your organization.

In other words, a quality provider will help your organization improve its agility, which leads to better visibility. This includes eliminating redundancies in your processes and moving away from erratic processes to standardized workflows. In other words, these providers will empower agile processes while maintaining accountability and flexibility.

Keeping costs down and maintaining visibility are essential to maintaining control over a project because conditions may change. Poor weather, political upheaval, or market response can result in an increased demand for records and information about your project. So, you need a partner for process management that focuses on keeping information accessible and actionable, such as maintaining relationships between certain processes and their impact on the budget or schedule.

Through a quality provider, you can more effectively manage costs associated with process management, as well as other costs. These costs may include compliance and regulatory fees, overhead operating costs, logistics costs for raw materials, and changes in project scope.

The Provider Should Have a Reputation For Quality Software Solutions

Oracle BPM Suite is a complete process management resource for businesses of any size. Built on user-friendly interfaces, the software suite uses business activity monitoring dashboards to give managers and other team members access to real-time data, keys to increasing visibility. Furthermore, the collective insights from the program lead to better task management, fewer errors in activity assignments, and better IT collaboration.

This BPM provider software suite also uses process accelerators to simplify the implementation process by aligning data analytics algorithms with your organization’s specific goals for process management. But, additional benefits of using Oracle’s software suite lie in the company’s global nature.

Oracle is known for its ability to make information accessible and actionable to team members, regardless of their location. This is possible through the Oracle Process Cloud Service.

For example, project teams in remote areas can utilize process management tactics and tools to enhance productivity without the direct instruction from a central office. Of course, collaborating with stakeholders and other project management professionals in a central location is essential to your business, but it is easier when data-driven metrics are accessible.

Modeling process changes within Oracle’s platform further enhances its allure. Reviewing possible cost savings from implementation is critical to calculating the indirect return on investment (ROI) of a BPM software. Within Oracle BPM, program and project managers can define possible processes within the system and build out appropriate channels to other team members.

Through modeling, they can see how changes will impact both short-term and long-term aspects of the project. This gives the company superior insight into what will and will not boost productivity. As explained in this ebook, modeling processes before making changes in the team will reduce costs and increase visibility.

Top Providers Offer IT Management and Support

Many modern enterprises already have IT equipment and in-house IT departments. This implies implementing a BPM solution will require integration of new software and systems with existing platforms or programs. If you have previously upgraded software or equipment without IT support, you know the nightmare that can ensue. But, quality BPM providers should offer IT support and management throughout the entire implementation.

IT support should also be flexible and readily available. In other words, you want a partner that offers live support, not a voice-controlled computer. When you can explain your issue in its entirety, a live support professional can help you with errors or issues that occur during implementation.

Even if you have an in-house IT department, it helps to have a team of software-specific experts available 24/7 to answer questions your own department cannot address. In a sense, your company can gain a higher competitive advantage by optimizing existing resources to work in tandem with new systems.

Start Reviewing BPM Providers, and Boost Visibility in Your Enterprise Today

Sometimes, the best BPM provider will be evident from the start. But, flashy internet campaigns and extensive marketing language can make the selection process much harder than you realize. To glean insights about inefficient processes, ensure your provider adheres to the three qualities necessary for a successful partnership, which include having expertise, a well-known reputation, and strong IT support.

To further boost visibility and reduce costs across your project portfolio, download this ebook today. It will empower your team with additional ways to enhance the productivity of your team and activities while you look for an appropriate partner for your process management.

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