Project Management Software Improves Oil and Gas Industry Project Delivery

Oil and gas industry projects are multi-faceted and always changing, so managers no longer use white boards and sticky notes to track progress. For assurance of project delivery success, a system is required that will provide you with visibility and control of your work.

Whatever the size of your oil and gas company, project management software like Oracle Primavera and Hard Dollar offer your business the organization and structure you need to manage all the tasks that are a part of every project. You can set stricter guidelines, and use your resources and time most efficiently.

Project Management Software Improves Project Delivery Success

Progress Tracking for Long-Term Success

Many of the elements in the oil and gas industry plans change during a project. Monitoring the process on any project is important, but it must be done subjectively. Project management software allows you to set up cost-effective, reasonable deadlines and benchmarks. This makes it easier to see what parts of a project are running smoothly, and what parts may need correction.

Utilizing the Optimal Resources for the Job

Project management systems ensure that your company is using its resources in the optimum way. Assigning the proper resources to projects using a project management system ensures that everyone knows what they must complete for the project.

PM software provides the assurance that there will not be any essential pieces in the project overlooked. It will bring to your attention things that you might otherwise overlook. It is an excellent tool for the organization of data, as a project progresses.

Improving Efficiency

Where do you stand in a current project? PM software like Oracle Primavera and Hard Dollar can let you know if your company is in line with your initial requirements, and offer you project delivery success. It does this by taking a virtual snapshot of the project at any point and examining whether there are time delays, what people are working on each task and whether the project is on-budget or not.

Effective Collaboration in Project Performance

Communication channels in your company will improve with more sharing of important files. Your employees can more easily collaborate when they all know where each person is, in the process. The PM system can email updates to everyone on the project.

Communication channels with your oil and gas clients may also be simpler when you use your project management software to send notices to them, with updates and progress reports, so they know if you will reach your target in a timely manner.

Keeping Your Project On-Budget

Project management software gives you financial control over the budget for your project. In the oil and gas field, you will often run into cost overruns or unexpected issues, and you should have a visual on the budget, both planned and actual. This ensures that your projects are running within assigned budgets, an important step toward project delivery success.

How Project Management Software Delivers Success

Using project management software benefits your business in many ways. They include:

  • Accurate tracking of actual progress
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Creating effective collaboration
  • Keeping your project on budget

If your company completes its oil or gas projects in a more timely way than your competitors do, you will be a step ahead of your competitors.  If you would like to learn more about Oracle Primavera or the other various project management software that IMS has to offer, click the link below to have an IMS team member contact you for a free consultation