Professional Development Options and Courses for Project Managers

Growing your career as a project manager requires you to constantly expand your knowledge. While thousands of books and courses have been created to improve your professional development, understanding what options exist is still complicated.You need to know which professional development options and courses will be the most beneficial for your career.

1. Local Certifications

Many community colleges, universities, and vocational institutions offer smaller project management courses and options. Some of these options may count towards college credit. Applicants should review course requirements and hour-load before enrolling. These certifications are best reserved for those who have never been involved in project management before.

2. CompTIA

Obtaining this certification in project management is similar to the Certified Associate in Project Management. However, the CompTIA is less intensive, which makes it a better option for project managers who have minimal experience in the field. Additionally, members of the project management team who have never held the role of project manager may find this course helpful.

3. CAPM Certification

The CAPM certification is a stepping stone to taking the PMP certification. This course allows novice and experienced project managers to learn more about the fundamentals of project management before attempting to prepare for the PMP certification. This course is the natural successor to those who complete their CompTIA certification.

4. Master Project Management

The American Academy of Project Management’s Master Project Management (MPM) certification helps build project management and trade or technical skills. Professionals who may be considering other careers besides project management may find this course helpful. Additionally, there is no charge for those who already have their master’s degree.

5. IMS Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management Course

Created by Innovative Management Solutions, this course teaches participants how to navigate the data- and capability-rich features of Primavera P6 Professional. Since this software is widely used, this course is a great way of learning more about the technology-side of project management.

Oracle Primavera Training

6. Certified Project Manager

This certification is globally recognized. However, it’s more favored in the Pacific Rim. Similar to the PMP exam, this certification’s prerequisites include previous experience as a project manager or at least a bachelor’s degree.

7. Certified Project Director

The Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) oversees Certified Project Director testing. This certification is best reserved for project managers who plan on transitioning to program managers. Applicants must pass a PPM-equivalent exam, complete the GAQM e-course, and be familiar with GAQM principles of project management.

8. PMP Certification

The PMP Certification is one of the most highly-recognized ways of identifying highly-skilled project managers. Obtaining the certification is also simple. Project managers only need to prepare for the exam and take it at a scheduled time. However, project managers should prepare at least two months before the exam.

These eight options represent a fraction of the professional development courses and offerings project management. Experienced, novice, and prospective project managers should consider which options will be best-suited for their level of education and experience.

Key Takeaway

  • Local certifications should be considered first.
  • Take the CompTIA in preparation for the CAPM.
  • A Master Project Manager certification typically only requires a master’s degree.
  • The IMS Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management course is best for learning project management software.
  • The Certified Project Manager requires a bachelor’s degree, and the Certified Project Director certification is for multi-project management, such as program management.
  • PMP Certification is one of the highest, if not the highest, forms of professional development in project management.