Primavera P6 Professional And Primavera P6 EPPM: What’s the Difference?

Dozens of different applications exist for project management. However, many project managers and project management team members may not understand the key differences between P6 Professional and Oracle P6 EPPM.

Both of these applications enable users to create, control, and manage schedules throughout different projects. To make the best decision for which software to use, take a look at the how the two systems compare in terms of usability and functionality across your projects.

P6 Professional Versus P6 EPPM: Size of Project

P6 Professional is primarily used on small-scale projects. However, P6 Professional can actually be used to create and manage up to 100,000 activities. Yet, the software is only capable of handling a few projects at once, and each additional activity detracts from the amount of processing power in other project schedules.

P6 EPPM allows users to manage multiple projects and all associated activities from a centralized database. Furthermore, installation of P6 EPPM is faster than P6 Professional when used on an enterprise-level organization. In most cases, EPPM is used on larger projects and for the management of multiple projects.

Location of Project

Although you can install P6 Professional on a virtual private network (VPN), you remain limited on your ability to access a project in remote areas. Since P6 EPPM is a web-based tool, you can access your schedule and database from any location with Internet access. However, P6 Professional is commonly kept on a per-machine basis.

Database Storage

Depending on the abilities of your workers and available machinery, P6 EPPM is used to enhance server-based storage through Oracle’s database. This is helpful when users do not always have necessary memory to install and run P6 Professional. For example, tablet users may have greater success and functionality when using P6 EPPM.

Speed of P6 Professional Versus P6 EPPM

Since P6 Professional is routinely installed on each machine, the processing speed for scheduling on the executable file is increased. As a result, you can make changes faster and more-efficiently on P6 Professional. However, you are limited on your ability to communicate these changes to other versions of the software.

P6 EPPM may run slightly slower than P6 Professional if your Internet is not a high-speed connection. With each function in P6 EPPM, you will have to wait on the page to load in the browser.

Browser Preferences

If you use P6 Professional, you do not have to worry about what type of browser is being used. However, P6 EPPM is only functional in Internet Explorer 8 or higher. If you prefer Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you will be unable to access P6 EPPM through such browsers. This difference is largely a preferential concern.

Reporting, Graphics, and Illustrations

P6 EPPM gives you access to more graphs, charts, pivot tables, and additional dashboards to gain a comprehensive view of your project quickly. Therefore, P6 EPPM is the best option when executive-level management, your team members, and skilled workers want to review project status.

Key Things to Note

  • P6 EPPM is for large-scale projects and for managing multiple projects.
  • P6 Professional is machine-based and does not require Internet access.
  • P6 EPPM can be accessed remotely from anywhere via an Internet connection.
  • More information can be stored in P6 EPPM than P6 Professional.
  • P6 EPPM speed varies depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
  • P6 EPPM requires Internet Explorer 8 to function.
  • P6 EPPM includes more visual aids than P6 
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