Improve Primavera P6 User Efficiency and Productivity with Outsourced Application Management Services

Project management teams rely on applications like Primavera P6 to effectively do their job. Supporting such complex applications can be daunting. Whether they are running on stand-alone computers or a server, someone has to install patches and upgrades to the applications so the project management team can access the latest version. Beyond maintenance, someone has to troubleshoot issues that come up and escalate to the vendor when appropriate.

Expecting an IT department or outsourced IT consultant to effectively support these applications can be a hindrance to the team’s success when there are other more critical systems competing for their time. Also, most IT personnel are not Oracle Primavera P6 practitioners, further inhibiting their ability to adequately provide support. This is where PPM Application Management Services (AMS) can help.

The Construction & Engineering Industry has been a bit slow to embrace digital technology advancements, like the cloud. Construction companies, for example, have typically spent about one percent of their revenue on IT, a fraction of what other industries spend. Organizations who adopt technologies more quickly are now looking for ways to improve their business process performance.

Increasingly, companies still hosting applications on premise are moving beyond the old ways of doing things and implementing AMS to support their project management applications.

There are several key elements of Application Management Services that explain why it is catching the attention of so many companies:

  • A cloud-based system can be deployed quickly and once installed is ultimately scalable, making it impossible to outgrow no matter how many new projects or users added.
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) is minimized. There is no hardware to buy, never any upgrades to worry about, and no additional burden to your IT staff.
  • Mobile capabilities enable collaboration from anywhere, from on-site to the most remote locations, as-long-as there is an Internet connection.
  • The system can enable business transformation tasks, workflows, and processes, which can be standardized across the company.
  • Security is improved by hosting at a provider’s highly secure data center.
  • Capable support is available around the clock; whenever your people need assistance, it is there for them.
  • Easier to deploy application upgrades and patches, potentially having zero impact on the users and the business.

But not all AMS providers are equal in terms of capabilities. Application Management Service providers should have:

  • A structured service level agreement (SLA) that ensures a timely response.
  • The technical acumen to deliver the application via the cloud.
  • The network and infrastructure needed to deliver and maintain the application in a safe and secure environment.
  • The expertise of seasoned professionals to deliver focused application operations to your company’s users.
  • A pool of application subject matter experts with the process, technical and functional expertise to not only solve any application issue but to also evolve the company’s capabilities.
  • Help desk support staff that have a high-level of application knowledge, both technical & functional.

Industries are moving toward solutions that make it easier for companies to operate their businesses. Importantly, the focus is becoming more about what your company can accomplish with these solutions rather than their fancy features. Putting these solutions in the cloud goes a long way toward making them more accessible, secure, and easier to use. But having access to SME’s on-demand takes it to a new level by increasing efficiency and is much more cost effective than hiring or using in-house resources.

Here is what you should look for in an Application Management Services solution – and what IMS offers:Here is what you should look for in an Application Management Services solution – and what IMS offers:

Cloud Hosting – optimizes performance, scalability, protects against viruses and hackers, and allows full restoration and recovery of data whenever needed.

Unlimited Training – with virtual, instructor-led, self-paced training and labs, all users can gain the skills to master the application.

Unlimited Support – users never have to get bogged down and frustrated with support issues. Skilled application subject matter experts (process, functional and technical) are always available.

Executive Dashboards – simple, intuitive and interactive dashboards, reading directly from Oracle Primavera P6 data provides management and stakeholders access to the information they need for quicker and better decisions.

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