How Your Projects Can Benefit From Oracle Primavera Project Management

Whether you are working on a small project or a large trillion dollar project, Oracle Primavera Project Management can help your company successfully complete the project on time and within budget.

These best-in-class solutions are raved about by managers and executives alike in a wide variety of industries because of their ability to help project-intensive businesses manage their entire project portfolio life-cycle. They also aid companies in making better portfolio management decisions, evaluating the risks and rewards associated with projects and determining whether there are sufficient resources to accomplish the work. 

Two Types of Oracle Primavera Project Management Software

There are two different variations of the Primavera Project Management software, Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Primavera P6 Professional Project Management. Read about the specifications and benefits of each below. You will be amazed at what each of the Oracle Primavera Project Management solutions can do for you and your business.

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, an integrated project portfolio management solution, enables project-driven businesses to achieve a competitive edge. The main focus of this advanced, yet easy-to-use software is the role-specific functionality that utilizes each team member’s responsibilities and skills. If you need to efficiently prioritize, plan, manage and execute projects, this software is the right solution for you. 

The main benefits of the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management include the ability to do the following:

  • Plan, schedule and control projects of all sizes
  • Select the right strategic mix of projects
  • Balance resource capacity
  • Allocate best resources and track progress
  • Monitor and visualize project performance
  • Foster team collaboration
  • Integrate with financial management and human capital management systems

Primavera P6 Professional Project Management

If you are a project manager or scheduler looking for control, Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is what you need. Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is specially designed to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. This superior software solution provides an almost unlimited number of resources and target plans, allowing you to organize projects that contain up to 100,000 activities. 

The following are all key benefits of Primavera P6 Professional Project Management:

  • Balance resource capacity
  • Plan, schedule and control complex projects
  • Allocate best resources and track progress
  • Monitor and visualize project performance
  • Conduct what-if analysis and analyze alternative project plans

These two Oracle project portfolio management software options both offer a wide range of benefits for any type of industry. If you or your company is interested in learning more about Oracle Primavera software training, IMS offers a Virtual training program. Click the link below to find out more about the course and the upcoming schedule.

Oracle Primavera Training