Achieving Project Portfolio Management Solutions with Oracle Primavera

Oracle’s Primavera Project Portfolio Management solutions offer the breadth and depth of functionality required to help companies institute an end-to-end portfolio governance process to deliver new product development success.

Oracle’s Primavera solutions do this within a collaborative, web-based environment that coordinates multiple contributors no matter their position in the company or role in the particular project. With Oracle Primavera, manufacturers confidently deliver value to their customers as well as their own bottom line.

The Groundwork Necessary for Achieving Successful Project Portfolio Management Solutions

Measuring new and existing project performance consistently with an objective set of evaluation metrics keeps the portfolio optimized through a balance between risk and reward. This objectivity makes difficult stage-gate decisions easier and reduces the latency in new product development that arises from lack of information and coordination.

In addition, the ability to access the relevant information on strategic alignment, risk and reward against resource constraints enables calculated portfolio decisions to be made quickly outside of stage-gate meetings based on changing business dynamics.

The byproduct of this greater information access is transparency and accountability that keeps the product pipeline healthy, prepares the organization to execute successfully on their commitments resulting in stronger customer relationships. An important part of this execution is making project performance visible to everyone on the project team.

How Oracle’s Primavera Software Can Simplify Project Portfolio Management 

Oracle’s Primavera solutions increase productivity by making team members more accountable for achieving project deadlines and deliverables. Improved collaboration and feedback among the many project participants and stakeholders helps ensure that projects continue without any unnecessary rework or waste.

What-if modeling and analytics help find better, faster, cheaper ways to analyze roadblocks and project schedules. Oracle’s Primavera solutions make it easy to capture those practices that worked; and then provide governance and consistency that will help future projects be successful. Moreover, portfolio management solutions enable organizations to make effective time-cost-scope tradeoff decisions and spot potential problems and trends in time to correct them.

With Oracle’s Primavera PPM solutions, contributors have the necessary information to confidently predict when projects will finish and how much they will cost. Managers can consider the risks inherent to any project and proactively put in place plans to reduce the risk. Key performance indicators provide an early warning to anticipate problems before they have an irreversible impact.

Finally, open, standards-based technology makes it easy to integrate Oracle’s Primavera applications with other systems and processes, so they can easily be configured to provide a platform for automating business processes that ensure the project and resulting products run smoothly from concept through to new product introduction and beyond. 

There are many benefits that a project portfolio manager can find when using Oracle’s Primavera PPM solutions. Feel free to click the link below to learn more about this great PPM product. 

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