9 Things Great Project Leaders Do Every Day

The following excerpt is from an article found on CIO.com, written by Moira Alexander.

Every project leader is different, from their thought processes to their daily interactions, but there are a few things that great ones do every day that just might set them apart from the rest.

Great Project Leaders Make Waves

Making waves shouldn’t be confused with making trouble or making problems, as it is often seen. Great change can only come about when project leaders remain in a constant and conscious state of continuous improvement. They make waves by performing the following tasks and services.

  • Consistently identifying and discussing process improvements
  • Continually looking to reinforce best practices
  • Remaining transparent about problems as they arise with sponsors and stakeholders
  • Directly addressing conflict as they arise
  • Redirecting focus back to the client/stakeholder whenever necessary
  • If beneficial to project outcomes, they seek opportunities to share project experiences and lessons learned with stakeholders, other leaders, team members and sponsors
  • Standing up for what’s ethical, fair, and right, even when it may not be popular

They Demonstrate Their Best Professional Self

Great project leaders strive to exude all the qualities that allow them to be at their best, personally and professionally, at all times… or at least as much is possible. They have to speak to shareholders from all parts of the business and be persuasive in those conversations. That requires a special set of skills that include the following.

  • Confidence in their abilities; allowing others to feel confident in their leadership.
  • Humility whenever necessary; allowing others to see them as human.
  • Respect for others at all times; creating higher levels of morale.
  • Trust in others, while remaining trustworthy.
  • Fairness when making decisions.

Recognize and Appreciate Others

This is an important point that can easily go unnoticed. With the hurried pace of projects these days, project leaders can easily get caught in the rush and forget to recognize some basic human needs in team members, stakeholders, sponsors, and executives. A great project leader makes team members feel included, like they have a voice that matters. He/she also keeps them in the know, recognizing their efforts and connecting them to the big picture and bottom-line.

  • Listen to the ideas of others, regardless of their rank in an organization.
  • Recognize and voice appreciation for the efforts of others.
  • Allow opportunities for individuals to demonstrate their highest-level contributions, and receive recognition for those contributions.
  • Say “thank you” for a job well done (this is so simple, but often left unsaid).

Keep The Communication Flowing

Sometimes keeping the communication flowing even when things may seem at a standstill, creates activity by providing reminders that help, when schedules are hectic and things can easily be missed. Great project leaders recognize on-going communication is paramount to successful business outcomes. With that in mind project managers must remember to regularly do the following.

  • Remind team members, executives and stakeholders that unfinished items still remain in the pipeline.
  • They offer peace of mind for others knowing a project leader is on top of things
  • They make sure there is accountability to stakeholders.
  • Ongoing communications also provides stakeholders with confidence and trust in a project leader’s abilities.

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