7 Signs Your Team Needs Project Management Training

Managing the training of your staff is not a simple task. Some project teams may consist of dozens of individual members, and these team members may be assigned to remote locations around the globe.

However, providing project management training to your team is critical to ensuring a successful project outcome, and you need to know the signs your team needs additional project management training.

1. Not Understanding Project Management Terminology Is a Sign Your Team Needs Project Management Training

Project management is filled with different terms, such as workflow, risk analysis, mitigation, deliverables, quality assurance and project controls. Your team members should have a basic understanding of the terms commonly used in project management. Furthermore, not understanding these terms can lead to miscommunications and unnecessary delays in your project.

2. Your Team Is Missing Deliverables Consistently

Deadlines are omnipresent in project management, and your team should be able to deliver on the various parts of the project consistently. If your team members are missing milestones, forgoing report preparation or other not completing their duties, your team needs additional training. This may include training on newer project management software platforms or how to approach different activities and tasks.

3. Your Team Lacks Roles and Responsibilities

Your team members should understand their roles and responsibilities. If team members are completing work blindly, they will make mistakes, and missed deadlines will become commonplace.

4. The Plan for the Project Is Nonexistent

Every project needs a plan, but the plan will change and evolve as the project progresses. This may reflect changes in scope or budget, but an untrained project team is more likely to simply try to make the original plan static. In other words, the inability to accommodate changes or create a project plan warrants additional project management training.

5. The Budget Is out of Control

When the budget is out of control, the success of your project is undermined. Your team needs the training to monitor and help control the budget. For example, team members should have the training necessary to be in charge of portions of the budget that reflect their own responsibilities.

6. Quality Assurance Is Missing

Untrained teams do not understand the value of quality assurance in successful project delivery. Your team should always value quality assurance, especially since poor quality results in rework and delays.

7. Team Members Prefer Old Tools and Processes

Team members should be open to using new tools, resources, and processes. Old, outdated tools result in inefficiencies and impede progress. However, raining in project management can teach team members how new tools can reduce their workload and level of stress.

Each of these signs is an indicator of a team in need of project management training. By learning to recognize these signs, you can keep your team updated and in sync with the best practices in project management.

Key Things to Remember

  • Your team needs project management training if they do not understand simple project management concepts.
  • A well-trained team should meet deliverables.
  • Training can improve leadership and understanding of roles and responsibilities.
  • Proper training helps your team create and adhere to the project’s plan.
  • An uncontrolled budget warrants additional project management training.
  • When your team does not value quality, they need additional training.
  • Team members who prefer old tools are falling behind the status quo in the industry.