6 Reasons Your Project Could Benefit From Staff Augmentation Services

Throughout the course of your projects, you may find yourself in need of staff augmentation services. In a basic sense, staff augmentation services enable you to expand your existing workforce, but the benefits extend beyond schedule needs. As a project manager, you need to consider how staff augmentation can help you ensure the success of your projects.

Staff Augmentation Services Alleviate Your Workers

You may have enough workers to meet all of the needs of your project, but you should not rely solely on your existing workers. Your workers have needs, which include recreational time off, responsibilities outside of your existing project, and personal time off. Staff augmentation services allow you to accommodate your workers’ needs as you fill in your schedule with the agency’s employees.

Outside Workers Bring Additional Resources

When you hire staff augmentation services, you will have access to the working knowledge of outside employees who bring different experiences and information to the table without inside influences. Since the employees have no responsibility to your company, besides performing his or her job appropriately, he or she can provide advice on how to deal with certain issues that arise during a project.

Staff Augmentation Services Eliminate Hiring Costs

Part of a project’s budget focuses on the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training employees. When you hire a new employee, you face the challenges of checking backgrounds, combing through references, paying for pre-employment medical and drug screening, and conducting interviews. You need to eliminate as many of these costs as possible. Essentially, staff augmentation services pass these costs off to another entity. As a result, poorly performing outside workers will have already been “weeded out.” Furthermore, an agency often has larger marketing resources for recruiting trained workers.

Gain Additional Training

Sometimes, you may be new to a specific type of project, or you may be unaware of how to address unique project concerns. Outside workers can be a tool for providing additional education and training for yourself and your employees. If your company plans on switching to new project management software, you may also bring in staff augmentation services to provide training and ensure your company understands how the software works.

Adapt to Changes in Project Deadlines

As project activities and tasks near completion, investors may choose to expand certain parts of the project. Staff augmentation services allow you to rapidly expand your available workforce to meet the demands of investors and supervisors. Once the new activity has been completed, you can release the staff augmentation services you no longer need.

Staff Augmentation Services Save Money

Although the hourly cost of staff augmentation service employees may exceed the wages of your existing employees, outside workers do not have as much overhead cost as your own employees. For example, you will not have to provide any medical, dental, or PTO benefits to outside workers. Additionally, the contractual nature of staff augmentation services allows your company to hire the services on an as-needed basis without worrying about the future of that worker’s position.

Staff augmentation services provide six significant benefits to project managers and their respective companies. Aside from simple schedule adjustments, the value of staff augmentation services cannot be understated.

Key Facts to Remember

  • Staff augmentation services give you more flexibility to meet your workers’ needs.
  • Outside workers see your project from an outside perspective.
  • You can cut out all hiring costs through the use of staff augmentation services.
  • Outside workers can teach you new things and help you learn about newer technologies.
  • Staff augmentation services allow for rapid expansion or contraction of your workforce.
  • The cost of staff augmentation services is usually lower than the costs of retaining your own employees.
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