Who Should Attend an Oracle Primavera P6 Training Course?

Many different suites exist for managing a schedule and overall project effectively and easily. However, many individuals stray from Oracle Primavera P6 due to its seemingly complex nature.

In reality, Oracle Primavera P6 includes many functions and features, which help improve performance and increase communication between all persons in the project management process. If you have thought about who needs to attend an Oracle Primavera P6 training course, think about these six groups of individuals.

Project Managers Must Attend Primavera P6 Training Courses Regularly.

Oracle Primavera P6 is consistently coming up with new features and tools to improve project scheduling. As a result, project managers should attend a Primavera P6 training course every other year to maintain an understanding of the software. If additional software has been released within smaller time periods, a training course should be considered before the next planned date of training.

Members of the Project Management Team Need P6 Training.

After the project manager, the project management team needs to fully understand every action taken within Oracle Primavera P6. As the project manager retakes courses, the project management team should also complete similar training in P6. This will ensure all team members understand how to navigate new systems and tools within the software.

Include P6 Training For All New Employees.

New employees should complete Oracle Primavera P6 training for assistance in updating time sheets, making schedule requests, and communicating with members of the project management team.

Scheduling Professionals Are Most Involved With P6 Scheduling.

If a person who is outside of the project management team is responsible for approving the project manger’s schedule, this person needs to remain up-to-date on the latest tools and capabilities of Oracle Primavera P6. Furthermore, this will help all project management professionals ensure the schedule reflects accuracy and accountability.

Executive-Level Leadership Can Learn How to Better Communicate With Project Management Team.

Liaisons between executive-level leadership and the project management team can improve communication by attending a P6 training course. Furthermore, executive-level managers and program managers can help ensure the project stays on schedule by completing a training course at the same time as the project manager.

Applicants For PMP Certification Should Use P6 Training to Study.

Project managers who are planning on taking the exam for the PMP certification, should consider taking a Primavera P6 training course. The course will serve as an in-depth review for the examination and can help provide guidance on new tools within the software.

Although these people will reap many benefits from P6 training courses, this list is not comprehensive. Anyone in the project management process will benefit from taking a P6 training course, and the course is not limited to the experience of an individual. If you know someone who is interested in project management or wants to learn new ways to improve their project management skills, think about enrolling in a training course together. You may learn something new as Oracle is constantly updating

Key Individuals Who Need Oracle P6 Training.

  • Project managers and members of the project management team.
  • New hires.
  • Scheduling coordinators.
  • Executive-Level Leadership and program managers.
  • Applicants for the PMP examination.