Top 5 Project Management Podcasts You Should Start Listening To

Project management podcasts make excellent tools for improving your knowledge of project management, and listening to project management podcast can actually count towards professional development units. Obviously, the choices for podcasts are practically unlimited, but some of the best podcasts come from these five stations.

Top 5 Project Management Podcasts

1. The Project Management Podcast

The Project Management Podcast is a great resource for project management topics of any caliber. From advice on obtaining your PMP certification to tips for improving collaboration between members of the project management team, this podcast offers sessions with project management experts, and premium subscribers can request complete transcripts of each podcast.

2. 5’ PM Podcast

This podcast is one of the best suited podcasts for project managers who seem to constantly be busy and unable to break free from their responsibilities for very long.

Nearly every episode in this series is less than 5-minutes long, and the host tackles mainstream news topics in project management and offers advice to listeners in the field.

3. Fix My Project Chaos

Things go wrong in project management, and every project manager has a great list of tips and tricks to use. However, reading through endless blog posts can be annoying, and the Fix My Project Chaos podcast covers a variety of topics in project management.

For example, podcasts focus on finding a mentor in project management, effective risk management strategies, tips for improving project management, and ways to improve relations with and engage stakeholders.

4. PMI Washington DC

The Project Management Institute is clearly the world’s most well-renowned resource in the history and education of project management. This podcast takes a no-holds-barred approach to project management topics.

Additionally, guest speakers from major corporations often host episodes. In fact, the podcast first aired in February 2016, making it one of the newer resources in project management.

5. Oracle Technology Network ArchBeat

The use of Oracle platforms in project management is rapidly increasing, and members of the project management field are continually identifying ways to improve performance around the globe. This podcast offers listeners the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others who regularly use Oracle platforms, which helps novice and experienced project managers learn how to complete more functions faster and more efficiently. 

Sometimes, learning more about project management just seems too time-consuming, but project managers and those involved in the field of project management can take advantage of multitasking by listening to podcasts. In fact, project managers should consider listening to these five podcasts in the near future, and for some, the podcasts can be even more interactive to regular followers.

Key Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

  • The Project Management Podcast airs every other week.
  • 5’ PM Podcast offers short, 5-minute updates on project management topics.
  • Fix My Project Chaos includes tips and advice for new and experienced project managers.
  • PMI Washington DC is a great podcast for learning more about the Project Management Institute.
  • Oracle Technology Network ArchBeat is a great way to learn from the experiences of other Oracle users.