Tips for Building Custom Bar Charts in Oracle Primavera P6

The ability to customize all aspects of project management processes is a hallmark characteristic of Oracle Primavera P6. Unfortunately, project managers who only use default settings are not taking advantage of its true versatility. But, you can start building complex, customized bar charts by following these tips.

1. Customize the Length of the Gantt Chart in Print Preview Within Oracle Primavera P6

Click on “Page Setup” on the Print Preview menu. Click on Options, and change the timescale start and finish to dates that reflect the needs of your custom Gantt chart. This is the simplest way to adjust how a Gantt chart appears when printing to PDF or actually printing the document.

2. Assign Symbols to Highlight Important Parts of the Gantt Chart

Symbols can be added in Custom Bar Charts in Oracle Primavera by right clicking on the Gantt chart. Navigate to Bars. From this screen, you will see a drop-down box titled, “Shapes.” This space allows you to define symbols to use for specific parts of the chart. As a result, you can further define the filtering capacity for creating the customized bar chart.

3. Adjust Colors to Reflect Needs in a Project’s Timescale

The colors chosen can also help to figure out which parts of the Gantt chart to highlight. From the same tab as inserting symbols, change the color option to the color most appropriate for your needs. For example, use red for activities that are not in progress yet. Meanwhile, you can add a specific number of rows to the chart from this screen at your discretion.

4. Filter out Irrelevant Information

You can improve the filters of the Gantt chart by adding new bars to filter out irrelevant information. From the “Bars” dialogue box, click on the “Add” button. This will create a new bar. Then, change the setting for the other columns. Select the filter you wish to apply, and fill out the information at the bottom of the dialogue screen.

5. Use Visualizer to Reduce Time Spent in Creating Custom Bar Charts

Visualizer is the newest and fastest way to create custom bar charts in Oracle Primavera. Basically, it is a component of Primavera 15.1. Within Visualizer, you will have the option to create a new layout or use an existing layout to create a new chart. From this screen, the “Options” button allows you to adjust the font of selected fields, adjust colors and symbols, or create additional filters quickly. Ultimately, you have the same information from Oracle Primavera P6 available in an easier-to-use tool without the excess navigation to create the Gantt chart.

6. Change the Zoom Area in Visualizer to Drill Down Into Areas of the Gantt Chart

In “Options,” click on Timescale to zoom in or out of specific parts of the Gantt chart’s activities and relationships. This helps you provide focus on the most important or less-pressing parts of the project as needed. Also, you can create filters and add relationship lines from the “My Layout” page within Visualizer.

When you need to build a custom bar chart in Oracle Primavera, you are not limited to what the system generates within Primavera P6. You have the option of editing the Gantt chart within P6, or you can take advantage of Visualizer to create custom bar charts faster. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but these six tips can help you learn the best ways to customize your charts to meet the needs of your team, stakeholders, or other project management professionals.

Key Takeaway

  • In Primavera P6, adjust Gantt chart timescale from within “Print Preview” mode for faster viewing.
  • Defining symbols and colors in bar charts help you assess and filter out the parts of the chart you need.
  • Visualizer simplifies the navigation skills needed to create custom bar charts.
  • From the “Timescale” tab in Visualizer, zoom in or out on the chart to review different custom charts faster.