The ROI of an Oracle Primavera Training Course

Oracle Primavera is one of the most well-known, if not the most well-known, project management and scheduling software solutions in the world. However, Oracle Primavera is continually being updated and improved. Unfortunately, your current training on Primavera may actually be outdated, and you could be losing time and resources by not knowing how to take full advantage of the software. As a result, completing an updated Oracle Primavera training course can provide a significant return on investment in seven ways.

1. Oracle Primavera Training Promotes Leadership and Adoption Rates, Increasing ROI

Updates to Oracle Primavera can be daunting, and if your project management team has been using an older version of the system, learning the new features can leave you feeling helpless. However, an Oracle Primavera training course helps to build leadership by encouraging the use of newer features and capabilities, which further increases adoption rates of updated versions.

2. Fewer Costs Associated With Maintaining PDUs

Primavera training actually counts as professional development units (PDUs) for maintaining your PMP certification. As a result, you and your team can complete these units while gaining the knowledge to use the newer version of the system concurrently, which reduces the cost of maintaining your certification in the first place.

3. Training Gives Staff an Opportunity to Work With the System Directly

Embracing changes in Primavera is difficult, but a training course allows staff to interact with the system in a virtual environment. This helps staff remember how to access new features and work more efficiently.

4. Reduces Risk by Keeping All Staff Informed

When all staff members know how to use Primavera properly, the risk for errors is dramatically reduced. In other words, staff members are less likely to make incorrect changes to the schedule, resulting in less downtime and more productivity.

5. Increases the Skillset of Workers and PMO Personnel

A project manager is only as good as the skills of his or her project management team and workers. Yet, project managers may forget computer skills are an integral part of any occupation, which includes skilled workers. Completing an Oracle Primavera training course is one of the ways of expanding the skillset of your staff, which leads to opportunities for career advancement for all parties. In a sense, Oracle Primavera training is an investment into the future of your staff.

6. Improves Visibility in an Organization by Encouraging Honest and Thorough Use of the System

Visibility and compliance are two buzzwords in project management, and a training course can help you build visibility in your organization. Workers who do not know how to fully utilize Primavera are more likely to create visibility issues by simply not accessing or updating information. However, workers who know how to use Primavera thoroughly can help you maintain control and visibility throughout your project, which leads to savings by preventing issues from arising due to a lack of training.

The ROI of an Oracle Primavera training course reaches across and beyond your organization. Fundamentally, it increases the responsiveness of your staff, but it can actually increase employee satisfaction and reduce downtime from staff who unknowingly make errors when entering data. If you have not completed an updated training course since the release of Primavera P6 15.1, you can achieve these benefits and return on investment.

Key Takeaway

  • Primavera training fosters adoption rates and leadership among staff.
  • Oracle Primavera training courses count as PDUs.
  • Your staff can learn to use Primavera through interactive courses faster than traditional training.
  • Updated training reduces risk from incorrect data entries and expands the skills of your staff members.
  • Oracle Primavera training increases visibility by ensuring all parties use the system thoroughly and honestly.
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