Working on-site with Project Management to ensure a seamless transition to PM software.

Implementing PM software requires a high level of technical expertise, experience, and knowledge. By having experienced technical service staff on hand, implementation of enterprise-wide project management software can be facilitated. Assisting the Project Management consultants at the client site to ensure a seamless transition to PM software is just one of the many value-added benefits our staff can provide.

IMS has Network Administrators, Database Administrators, Solution Developers, and Hardware Specialists to assist in the installation, implementation, and integration of your Project Management Software.

IMS's Technical Services Solutions:

  • PM Software Installation: Installing an enterprise-wide Project Management Software solution can be a daunting task. IMS's team of experienced technical personnel help simplify the easier process
  • PM Software Integration: Integration of Project Management software into your unique environment is essential. IMS has experienced resources to successfully manage this aspect of your Project Management software
  • Custom Report Writing: Information is vital to successful project management. There are times when the built-in reports are unable to deliver the necessary information. IMS has the capability to design reports to your specifications, with the tools you prescribe, to pull your data from your data repository in the format you want
  • Custom Application Development: Although PM software is extensive and in-depth, gaps in performance may still exist. IMS can develop custom applications to integrate into your data repository to manipulate your data. This would be reflected in the Project Management software's Graphical User Interface (GUI).

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