[Digital enabled]solutions

With decades of experience across project-intensive industries, and working with hundreds of project teams, we’ve just about seen it all.

Leveraging our experience as a foundation, we’ve developed 6 core offerings to assist clients on their journey towards achieving improved Project performance.

[Digital enabled] solutions work holistically to provide a balanced approach across the key areas of project management. From consulting to staffing and analytics to integration we deliver the capabilities to drive new levels of performance for our clients.

We will challenge and inspire you to PPM Excellence.

Consulting & Process Improvement

Accelerate decision-making.  Improve agility.  Gain competitive advantage.

Optimize mission-critical activities to drive project & corporate-wide efficiencies.

We understand your industry and partner with you to uncover inefficiencies and gaps within your current practices. Typically, the processes used across the organization are not standardized and – most importantly – suboptimal for project management excellence. Not only can we drive a greater time-to-value and ROI but also restore confidence in decision-making, reporting and KPIs.

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Training & Continuing Education

Onboard resources.  Enhance skills.  Master technology.

Unlock the full potential of staff & technology with personalized training.

We focus on a dynamic, immersive and engaging learning experience. Our comprehensive project management training – including both processes & technologies – can be hosted at state-of-the-art facilities across the nation, on-site at your organization and virtually (either self-paced or group format).

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Workforce Augmentation & Staffing

Specialized skills.  Greater flexibility.  Enhanced agility.

Immediately staff critical projects with the right resources.

We support project teams by enhancing staff with qualified and experienced resources. Carefully screened, interviewed and tested, all resources are matched for experience and skill sets with your specific needs in mind – including PM knowledge, industry experience and applications training.

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Implementation, Integration & Hosting

Speed time-to-value.  Reduce IT load.  Harden security.

Rapidly deploy solutions & enable teams to capitalize on technology investments.

A high level of process, functional and technical expertise and experience is critical for implementation of enterprise-wide project management initiatives. We have a vast array of experienced technical staff including project management, application, business intelligence, database, network and cloud experts to assist with your implementation, integration and secure hosting needs.

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Analytics, Dashboarding & Reporting

Actionable insight.  Financial rigor.  Risk visibility.

Gain actionable project intelligence with customized & role-based insights.

Working collaboratively, we consider your strategic objectives, performance targets and KPIs to apply robust analytics, develop optimal reporting and deploy best-practice dashboarding. This ensures you are making rational, logical and justifiable project decisions.

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Remote Helpdesk & Advanced Support

Unresponsive vendors.  Increasing demand.  Limited expertise.

Drive user adoption & project success with on-demand guidance.

Ongoing support is critical to the adoption and continued success of your project management initiatives. We eliminate the challenge, financial burden and vendor frustration of handling support issues. By providing immediate access to seasoned professionals our team rapidly aligns with your unique needs and provides a highly-personalized level of application and technical support.

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