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Project Management Skills & Processes To Build The Core of Business Success

Every type of newly developed projects are creating the future of your business, there are no zero-impact environments. As projects achieve greater importance and visibility in the business world, executives will demand even more from project personnel than they do already. Let's face it, project management skills and processes have become core requirements for business success.

The Pressure to Succeed is Real

Whether that pressure comes from internal drivers or from your competition, today's accelerated business cycles demand rapid action and increasingly efficient project management. The IMS team is a dedicated group of project management experts and technology professionals that are ready to help. They have the product knowledge, technical skills, and experience to help you quickly reap measurable benefits with expertise in these areas:

PPM Systems and Process Evaluation

Many organizations experience a lack of confidence in configuring their project management systems and procedures. The processes used across the organization are not standardized and optimized for project management best practices, making it difficult to gauge performance indicators.

The team of experts at Innovative Management Solutions can perform a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Systems and Process Evaluation. We will analyze your current efforts and develop a strategy for success based on best practices and years of experience.

Our main objective is to uncover inefficiencies within your current project structure in order to recommend a solution that provides the best ROI. This evaluation provides your organization with the information and expert analysis to restore confidence in making decisions on project management systems and procedures.

PM Maturity Assessment

Innovative Management Solutions’ Project Management Maturity Assessment (PMMA) is designed around the Project Management Institute's nine knowledge areas forming the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

IMS can conduct a PMMA for your organization that will analyze the areas of your project management practices to improve. The assessment report will include specific tangible goals for business improvement, like increasing the financial value and competitive advantage of your organization.


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IMS is a Global Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute (PMI). IMS offers a wide variety of Project Management and Oracle Primavera training at state-of-the-art facilities across the nation.

Product Training. IMS is an Oracle Platinum Partner, a certified Oracle Primavera Trainer, and Oracle Primavera's "go-to" solution provider for implementation and training of their Fortune 500 customers.

We can help your organization achieve new standards of productivity and higher levels of effectiveness using your Oracle Primavera products.

Project Management Knowledge Training. IMS can assist your company in achieving increased project management knowledge through practical application, training, and education. We focus on a dynamic, participative experience so your learning is not only educational but also enjoyable.

Office Development

As projects grow larger and more complex, implementing a common approach to project management throughout the organization becomes more of a necessity.

A "Project Office" is an organizational entity that can aid an organization in many ways, ranging from supporting senior executives to determining resources to carrying out the actual tasks of the projects and more.

IMS can assist your company in developing a Project Office, or in enhancing existing Project Office functions. IMS will work with your organization to develop a support office that will leverage how projects are managed organization wide, so you’re receiving the highest return on investment for your efforts.

Project Start-Up

IMS can assist your organization with project start-up by evaluating the project management information systems that are available and making educated recommendations.

IMS will assist with developing:

  • A complete Scope statement
  • A process for tracking project costs and managing changes to the scope of work
  • Project plans and schedules
  • A status, progress and performance reports

           ...and more!

Project Portfolio Management

IMS has teamed up with project portfolio management software development companies to provide implementation and integration services.

IMS will work with your project team to implement project management tools and processes according to your organization's needs. We will assist you in achieving your objectives through implementing an enterprise project management system.

IMS' project portfolio management strategy focuses on four major areas:

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Process Development
  • Design, Prototype, Pilot, and Rollout
  • PPM Tool Training

IMS provides ongoing support to enable clients to rapidly adapt as needs change and project complexity increases.

Risk Assessments

IMS will work together with you to conduct a project Risk Assessment that accurately identifies risks associated with possible project outcomes, like project costs and schedule risks.

IMS’ Risk Assessment Provides Your Company With Projections About:

  • Variations in outcomes of a project
  • The probability of completing a project on time and within budget
  • Rankings of risk sources as basis for prioritization
  • The chances of meeting key milestones and the project finishing on or before a given date