Professional Staff Augmentation

Why Staff Augmentation?

To manage fluctuating skill needs, filling-gaps, and changing resourcing needs to meet aggressive project timelines.

Obtaining hard-to-find skilled professionals who can deliver results with minimal training is a challenge facing businesses around the world. While some organizations are comfortable having a third-party manage their projects, many seek to augment their in-house skills with external talent with the ability to work under their direction and guidance. Staff augmentation can help you achieve a number of business goals including industry knowledge and technical experience. This valuable knowledge and experience accelerates speed and quality of project delivery, avoiding the cost and time required for internal training and skill development.

Why use IMS for Staff Augmentation?

As an Oracle Platinum Partner and arguably the most experienced implementing scalable project and portfolio management solutions, IMS has unrivaled experience and industry expertise to help your organization be successful. Partnering with IMS will build a foundation for incremental gains and long-term business value.

  • No expensive recruitment and administrative costs.
  • Your company will be able to focus on the project at hand, not on the burden of hiring.
  • Project personnel are experienced, trained and ready to work upon on-site arrival.
  • All our resources have immediate access to IMS' Project Management and Primavera Experts.
  • Specialized team that focuses on Project Management competency, paying particular attention to Project Controls
  • We only recruit the top industry talent. Our recruiting, screening and testing process will ensure you receive qualified candidates in the time you need them. Professionals provided are employees of IMS. A competitive compensation and benefits package is also offered.

Staff Augmentation Project Management Experience

We require our resources to have experience in the core competency of project management. Each resource’s experience and skill sets are carefully evaluated and verified through interviews, referral checks, training and testing. We have supported clients in numerous industries across the country.

Staff Augmentation Project Management Knowledge

All IMS resources are tested on the fundamentals of project management. IMS has many certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) on staff to conduct any necessary training to further enhance knowledge in all areas of project management. Training is based on the Project Management Institute’s Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®).

Staff Augmentation Project Management Tool Expertise

IMS conducts testing of the selected candidates to ensure the requested tool expertise is present. Tool training is provided through our Primavera and PMI certified in-house trainers. IMS makes continued education units available to all our resources. IMS can also offer customized training courses that combine client processes with specific tool training. This allows our resources to be even better prepared and able to work productively upon arrival. Our staff is required to stay current on the last changes and new features that are added to PM software, and to distribute new information to all Platinum Resources as it becomes available.

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