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Since 1993, IMS has worked hand-in-glove with our customers to design, implement, support, and evolve their project management systems (People, Process and Technology) and project delivery capabilities.

After working with hundreds of customers using Oracle Primavera P6 and training over 10,000 users, we recognized most of the organizations using the product hadn't properly adopted the tool and were not receiving the expected value.  While there may be many reasons for it, the following were consistent across the board:

  • Management and users were not properly educated in the tool and the processes to make the tool function as it is capable of doing.
  • Users did not have access to on-demand application support. They either had to fend for themselves, enter a help desk ticket and get help from their IT staff that didn't understand the product or reach out to Oracle without an adequate response.
  • Their server performance was slow and the databases were not properly maintained
  • Executives did not perceive reporting out of Oracle Primavera P6 to be suitable for their needs. Most reporting is manual and pulled from various data sources, takes considerable time and often riddled with errors.

We solved these problems with our Primavera Customer Success Subscription:

Application Hosting

IMS' Hosting Application Services can optimize performance, reduce server downtime, restore and recover data, and protect applications from harmful viruses or hacker attacks.  Services include installation and maintenance of database/application server environment to support the customer's deployment of it's project portfolio management solution. 

Our infrastructure is housed at VAZATA facilities, which operates a growing portfolio of top tier and SAS 70 audited data centers in Dallas, TX, and Manassas, VA with expansion plans for Houston and the west coast.  Vazata's facilities are Tier 3, with many of the attributes of a Tier 4 facility, and are among the strongest and most secure facilities in the United States.

Unlimited Self-Paced (On-Demand) Training

Our On-Demand training lab is a great knowledge based resource for users to refer to when needing application assistance.  Our training lab is made up of over 400 micro videos detailing the process for accomplishing the needed task.  It is available through the same portal as our hosted environment, making it a convenient asset for any company.

Unlimited Application (P6) Help Desk

Our Unlimited Application (P6) Help Desk solution eliminates the challenge, financial burden, and vendor frustration of handling support issues.  By providing immediate access to seasoned professionals, our team rapidly aligns with your unique needs.  

ProjectInfoCenter - Executive Dashboards

Our Executive Dashboards are tied to your application data and provide an intuitive business intelligence portal enabling you to interact with relevant information for more effective and timely decision-making.

ProjectInfoCenter - Self Service Reporter

Self-Service Reporter takes the Executive Dashboards to the next level.  Our easy to use self-service option allows you to create custom reports.





IMSCloud Application Hosting

Unlimited Training

Unlimited Support

ProjectInfoCenter - Executive Dashboards

ProjectInfoCenter - Self Serve Reporter