Key Ingredients of a Successful Project Delivery Team

If you want to put together a successful project delivery team, you’ll definitely need to keep a few key things in mind. Many people assume that a project delivery team is only as good as the person who is leading it. While the project manager is certainly an important element, he or she is really only half the battle, so to speak. Every member of the team needs to work with that leader to form a cohesive whole. The project delivery team is less than the sum of its parts and more a single entity working towards a unified goal. There are a variety of important elements that you’ll want to consider when choosing the people to be on any specific team within your organization.

Ingredients for Successful Project Delivery


One important element of a successful project delivery team has to do with the methods that are being used to manage them. In that regard, project management consulting can actually be beneficial for organizations of all types, especially when it comes to increasing the knowledge of individual team members and the group’s ability to make decisions. Consulting can be a great way to help a team stay motivated, keep within the specific budget that has been dictated by the project, stay on schedule even in the face of tight deadlines and more.


Another one of the most important elements of a successful project delivery team has to do with the communication abilities of each individual member. This is especially true of the project manager. If the members of your team don’t have the ability to quickly and effectively communicate and share information with one another, they won’t be working together in the way that is expressly needed. High quality communication skills include the ability to communicate clearly and effectively and the ability for team members to actually listen to one another, process what other members have to say and use those experiences for the benefit of the project.


If a project delivery team doesn’t have trust, it really doesn’t have much at all. There will be a time where the project manager and even individual members of a team will find themselves in a situation that they aren’t quite equipped to handle. If the project manager and other team members don’t have absolute trust in the person who is stepping up to accomplish the task, they will second guess that person’s work for the detriment of both the project and the team. Filling a team with people who you can depend on is one sure fire way to make sure that your project is delivered on time, on budget and of the highest possible quality.

So long as you’ve built a project delivery team while keeping a few core tenants in mind, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The members will work together towards a single goal and will deliver the type of high quality work that you can depend on.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Project management consulting can be a huge benefit to individual team members, especially with regards to expanding knowledge.
  • Communication is one of the key tenants of successful project team members.
  • If a successful project delivery team doesn’t have trust, it is doomed from the start.

Being able to see who is contributing and performing on your team allows you to allocate responsibilities and focus on higher level objectives. By being aware how the team and each level of the project are performing, you can make decisions based on those behaviors within the plan. If you would like to learn more on how to be a successful project team leader, download the full ebook by clicking the link below.