IMS’ Project Management Success: Toyota

IMS provided professional project management services for Toyota’s mission critical Claims Processing System development project.

The total time frame for this project was 5 years. The objective was to develop a flexible, state of the art, web-based Claims Processing System that efficiently processes vehicle warranty and other types of claims in the complex and rapidly changing Toyota business environment. 

Project Requirements for Project Management Success

At the peak of this project, IMS coordinated the project team, which was composed of a staff of over ninety five clients, contingent and consulting personnel from over a half dozen internal departments and over a half dozen external suppliers. Application development was managed using the Rational methodology and tool set.

The technical project scope is composed of…

  • approximately 100 databases
  • 50 individual J2EE applications
  • 60 system scheduler programs
  • 100 Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) programs
  • 25 Cobol programs
  • 25 BRIO reports

Overcoming Challenges

This project, like all projects, did not come without hurdles. Some of the project management  challenges IMS was presented with were a disparate workforce, ill-defined requirements and a high degree of technical complexity to ensure project success for Toyota.

While we would welcome a smooth project, we understand this may not be the case. We were confident in the services we offer to handle any and all issues that did arise.

Some of the project management services we provide are…

  • initial project management assessment of the project 
  • budget preparation and analysis
  • long range application release management planning
  • detailed work schedule preparation
  • monitoring, analysis and control
  • VP & C level project strategy and status discussions
  • And much more

Because of our dedication to project management and focus on Toyota’s needs, this project was a complete success. Thanks to our culture of user-adoption, we can stay ahead of future hurdles that may arise and bring Toyota the results that propel them forward. Discover how having a culture of user-adoption can take your business and projects to the next level