How S-Curves Can Help Track Project Performance

Completing a project successfully for any type of organization has always hinged on the ability to track project performance along various milestones. 

Putting goals in place at the beginning of a project is one thing — without the proper amount of oversight and performance tracking along the way, certain small issues can quickly turn into big delays and lost revenue seemingly overnight.

How S-Curves Can Help Track Project Performance

When it comes to tracking project performance in the most effective way possible, S-Curves have long been a major benefit to all types of businesses. S-Curves can help track project performance in a number of different ways.

One of the major benefits of S-Curves is the ability of tracking project performance to create a visual way to plot information. Instead of going through reams of paper containing information about where any one particular member of your team stands at a given time, you can track your progress as a whole in an instant just by figuring out where your team currently stands on the S-Curve.

At one end of the S-Curve is the beginning of the project. At the other is the successful completion of the project and associated goals. By judging where your team currently stands on that S-Curve, you can get an instant picture of exactly what it is that they’ve already done and what needs to be done in order to finish on time.

Not only that, but S-Curves are great for identifying issues of all types and determining what steps need to be taken in order to get a project back on track. If a project manager views an S-Curve and determines that not enough forward progress is being made, they can see exactly what went wrong and where it went wrong by judging the position on the curve. Using that information, they can then make the most appropriate decisions about reallocating resources in order to keep everything moving at the proper pace.

Project management solutions like Project Tracker also allow for annotated S-Curves as a way of sharing valuable information with team members. Not only can you instantly see where your team stands by viewing the curve, but you can also find out more detailed information about current progress by moving your mouse cursor over that particular point on the graph and reading the annotations. Project Tracker is a must-have addition to any project management software!