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5 Project Management Solutions for the Construction Industry

shutterstock_196623401Construction project managers face many challenges from the inception to the completion of a construction project, and selecting the best project management solution for a construction project can mean the difference between a success and catastrophic failure. When you find yourself looking for new project management software in the construction industry, you need to evaluate its cost, resources, and ability to effectively manage a project.

However, there are hundreds of construction project management solutions available on the market, so the following list can help you narrow down your choices. Each of these solutions has been chosen for affordability, ease-of-access, and available features in the solution.

HardDollar: Construction Project Management Solution Focusing on Cost Analysis

HardDollar is specifically designed for construction project management applications. Rather than devoting endless resources to other aspects of project management, HardDollar enables project managers to focus on primary construction project concerns, such as estimations, creation of cost models, and development of processes for identifying construction needs. Furthermore, project managers can easily input third-party costs, project expected cost increases, analyze current cost flow, and provide a common view for allowing your skilled workers to view the project’s needs when you are unavailable.


The Safran family of project management solutions allows construction project managers to select the tools they need from several different applications. Safran Project™ provides the basic project management software, which includes complex project controls, schedule risk analysis, and integrated reporting within the system.

Safran Risk™ expands on Risk Analysis for ensuring optimum efficiency, accurate scheduling, and a positive project result. Construction project managers can also incorporate Safran Integrator for SAP™, Safran Planner™, or Safran Web Access™ to suit his or her needs. Many construction project managers may prefer Safran Web Access™ since it enables real-time status updates from any location with Internet access.

EcoSys Enterprise Planning & Controls (EcoSys EPC)

EcoSys EPC is designed with the overall scope of a construction or engineering project in mind.  From a project’s inception to bidding wars to breaking ground, this software gives construction project managers the power to assess current cash flow, perform extensive risk analysis, build reports, and input defined, unusual terms. Furthermore, this software provides a host of dashboards for enabling quick review of current project status, which includes changing currencies for multi-market projects for forecast management of cash flow.  Additionally, you do not need to know how to work through advanced programming issues with the easy-to-use EcoSys EPC.

Trello Works for Visual Problems

Trello is a popular construction project management solution as it involves the use of images to identify specific tasks and activities throughout a project. However, this software lacks the ability to create an easy-to-read listing of activities and tasks.

Each image can have a brief explanation on the front and a detailed account of the task on the back. For example, a construction project manager could take periodic photos of planned tasks to quickly identify tasks without reading through every line of text. It also works well for project managers working across language barriers. Furthermore, Trello is completely free to use.

Oracle Primavera Project Portfolio Management

Few construction project management solutions carry the credibility and usability of Oracle Primavera Project Portfolio Management. This solution to construction project management needs includes specific risk analysis, reporting of periodic data, management of resources, and scheduling.

Oracle’s Contract Management for ngineering and Construction software is designed with the specifications needed in construction. Furthermore, the Contract Management for Engineering and Construction software comes pre-configured to enable rapid deployment by project managers. Oracle ensures that small problems do not turn into huge issues with advanced IT support.

Whether you have a small construction business or you are responsible for overseeing a large-scale construction project, you need a construction project management solution. Before you settle on something you have heard little about or never used, consider using one of these above-mentioned solutions.

Key Takeaway

  • HardDollar places the focus of construction project management on the cash flow throughout the project.
  • Safran enables you to customize your project management solution’s features through the creation of different types of Safran software.
  • EcoSys EPC gives project managers control over multi-market projects from inception to completion of a project.
  • Trello is best for a visual perspective of a project's current status.
  • BuilderTrend should be used for small to mid-sized construction projects.
  • If you prefer Oracle's design and credibility, use the Contract Management for Engineering and Construction setup.

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