Are You Ready for a Primavera P6 Training Course?

Knowing when you are ready for a Primavera P6 training course is essential to maximizing your investment in your career. If you take the training program before you are ready, you will feel overwhelmed. Meanwhile, taking the course too late means the next version of Primavera P6 will likely be coming soon.

As a result, you should learn to recognize the following three indicators of when you are ready for a Primavera P6 Training Course. 

1. You Have Experience Working With Primavera P6 in the Field

The basic functions in Primavera P6 are relatively easy to understand, but knowing the general layout of the program will help you be prepared for a training course. The instructor may flip between screens or ask you to navigate to different sections of the platform, and having basic navigation skills in the system will be of great help throughout the training. 

Additionally, you want to make sure that the training course selected is appropriate for your existing skill level. If you have worked with Primavera P6 for several years, you may still want to begin with an intermediate-level course before progressing to an advanced course.

2. Members of the Project Management Office Are Coming to You for Advice on New Functions in Primavera P6

New versions of Oracle Primavera P6 are being released almost annually, and in the future, Oracle may begin releasing updates and new functions even more frequently. As a result, members of the project management office (PMO) will turn to you for direction on how to proceed with new functions or shortcuts within the platform.  

When members of the PMO start this habit, it is evident that additional Primavera P6 training is needed by your team members. Unfortunately, if you cannot help the members of your team learn more about how to use these newer features, your role as project manager could be in jeopardy. Therefore, you should watch for team members struggling with program updates, which signal that you are ready for another Primavera training course.  

3. You Are Currently Preparing to Take the PMP Exam

The last primary way to know you are ready for a Primavera P6 training course revolves around career advancement and obtaining certifications. If you have been preparing to take the PMP examination, you should consider taking an additional Primavera training course. Even if you already understand how to use Primavera, the course can serve as a refresher for functions that you may not have used in a while.  

These three situations are the signs that you are ready to complete a Primavera P6 training course. If you learn to recognize and act upon them, you will be able to gain a competitive advantage over other project management professionals and advance your career.  

Key Takeaway

  • You need to have some experience working with or being exposed to Primavera P6 before taking a training course.  
  • When team members start asking for your help more often, you need to be ready to answer their questions by learning more about new features or functions in Primavera P6 as they occur. 
  • Completing a training course can be an excellent way to prepare for the PMP exam. If you want to advance your career, you need to start thinking about enrolling in a training course now.