A One Stop Shop for Planning, Risk Analysis, and Cost Management

Project managers within the oil and gas industry need a resource that is capable of monitoring hundreds of different factors, which range from resource availability to potential “what if” scenarios. Safran Project enables carefully monitoring of the three most important aspects of project management–planning, risk analysis, and cost management–by combining multiple tools into one, user-friendly platform.

Safran Project Makes Planning, Risk Analysis, and Cost Management Simple

The Impact on Project Planning Through Integrated Risk Management

Safran Project allows project managers to enter a variety of factors into its connected systems to create a comprehensive plan for a specific project, activity, or resource. By enabling project managers to quickly navigate and see all of the factors needed for effective project planning. Project managers have access to flexible options for data entry and observe network calculations in real-time without waiting for multiple processes to complete on several platforms and manually review the information. Within Safran Project, project managers will have access to unlimited networks, sub-networks, activities, links, and summary level combinations. Furthermore, the monitoring processes of prioritizing and inputting calendar schedules is simplified as Safran Project is compatible with Oracle P6 Calendars.

Improvement and Reporting of Comprehensive Risk Analysis

All of the differing factors within schedule risk analysis are easily compiled and reviewed within Safran Project. By assessing the price, cost, geological, political, and supply and demand risks associated with a new project or the expansion of an existing oil and gas extraction project, project managers can determine whether the current resources, such as skilled workers, machinery, and investments, are available. Furthermore, Safran Project compiles this information into an easy-to-read report that can be distributed throughout all company facets, workers, and financial stakeholders by publication to the web. Safran Projects utilizes the expert methods of Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis to identify duration problems arising from scheduling conflicts within project calendars.

Streamlined Processes Improves Project Cost Management

Although multiple types of software exist to monitor the costs within an ongoing oil or gas extraction project, project managers routinely find themselves switching between calendars regarding deadlines for activities versus an analysis of the available resources. Safran Project alerts project managers to discrepancies between planned activities and resources. By identifying holes within the project’s cost management, a project manager can divert resources from a less important aspect of drilling to a higher prioritized assignment. Furthermore, it enables project managers to review the ongoing costs of using new technologies for difficult-to-access oil and gas deposits.

Key Takeaways

  • Safran Project identifies the best strategies and factors to consider while planning a project.
  • Safran Project uses information from project planning as well as additional entered data to provide a schedule risk analysis instantly to project managers without the use of extraneous resources for performing calculations.
  • Safran Project ensures that projects do not exceed the expected financial cost of a given extraction. As a direct result, project managers can request additional resources if financial stakeholders and the included schedule risk analysis find the potential gains worthy of continued prosecution.
  • All aspects of project management are improved through software-generated reports on-demand.

Safran Project places the tools of the best project management softwares within one adaptable platform. Since accurate comprehensive project planning, risk analysis, and cost management can mean the difference between a substantial loss or gain from a proposed extraction site, project managers need to be able to perform these processes at a moment’s notice when presented with new information regarding resources, available oil and gas deposits, and trying to discern the future of the oil and gas industry.