A 3-Step Approach for Better Project Performance

Project managers are tasked with difficult projects on a regular basis. The approach that they adopt goes a long way in determining the quality of the results. To achieve better project performance, project managers should embark on new challenges with an organized and well thought out approach instead of a haphazard one.

3 Steps to Better Project Performance

1. Establish The Scope

When it comes to managing complex projects in an efficient manner, managers should focus on 3 important facets. They are time, team and tools. These compromise the fundamentals of the 3 step approach to successfully managing challenging projects. The first step is to understand the scope of the project. If a project manager doesn’t have a good grip on the nuances of a particular project, he likely won’t be able to manage it in a way that yields positive results. The scope should always be kept in mind. This means that project managers should continually focus on what they want to achieve in both the short and long term. Oftentimes, the development of a sound management strategy can be much more effective than having high tech tools, skilled employees and a wealth of time. Such resources won’t make much of an impact if they aren’t guided in the right direction by a leader with a clear vision. So give employees a sense of the scope. It’ll propel them to move forward with projects in the most efficient manner possible.


Some projects are complicated enough to intimidate even the most experienced project manager. The key to tackling projects of this magnitude and depth is to break it down into smaller pieces. Segment each component of the project in an effort to simplify it’s daunting challenges. Simplification allows you to delegate specific work to individual employees. This type of specialization always improves efficiency and allows for consistent and clear feedback on the status of projects. Simplifying the project will also ease your fears about the work that must be done. When you are confident and fearless, you’ll heighten your team’s chances of success. Remember, they are looking to you for leadership.

3. Tracking Progress

Every project manager can benefit from closely tracking team progress. Status reports should be generated on a continuous basis so that the project manager can stay abreast of recent accomplishments, road blocks and the performance of individual departments and employees. Carefully review all feedback so that you don’t overlook potential problems that might significantly impede the progress of the job. Tracking project development is a two way street. Don’t merely ask for feedback from your team. Communicate with them about their performance and your expectations so that you can establish reciprocity.


When faced with a demanding project, project managers must rise to the challenge. By following the 3 step approach outlined above, managers can simultaneously handle difficult projects and not crumple under pressure.

Key Takeaways

  • Project management is all about planning, breaking tough jobs down into smaller pieces and monitoring progress.
  • It is imperative that project managers maintain clear lines of communication.
  • Project managers who refuse to succumb to the pressure of a demanding project will inspire their team to work with diligence and passion.

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