7 Important Questions to Ask In a Project Management Interview

A typical project management interview could easily include dozens of questions about your background, experience in project management, and skills.

However, many project managers often forget the importance of asking questions about the project. Before going to your next project management interview, take a look at the seven most important questions you need to ask.

1. What Is the Goal of This Project?

Understanding the goal of the project tells you what the rationale behind the project is and what types of activities will be involved. This question is best asked first as it will naturally lead into the subsequent questions.

2. Where Are the Resources Coming From, or Who Owns the Project?

Shareholders or owners of the project may or may not know where all the resources for a project are coming from. However, you need to know what resources will be most easily managed. Asking this question will help you determine if you will need to procure resources or simply schedule and manage them.

3. What Is the Expected Duration of the Project?

Projects vary heavily in duration, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with a 10-year project when you only can work for two years. Always ask about the duration of a project to ensure you will be able to meet such requirements.

4. Was a Previous Project Manager Involved?

Some project managers may need to leave or move on to other projects, and knowing the project’s status is vital to ensuring a successful hand-off. During the interview, ask about previous project managers, and find out if a preferred hand-off process will be used.

5. How Will This Project Impact the Organization?

Every project is designed to provide a benefit to a respective organization. This is not the same as the project’s goal, and you need to know how success or failure of the project will impact the company. After all, this is going to be part of your risk management strategy.

6. What Is the Project Deadline?

Shareholders and upper-level management are concerned with deadlines, but that doesn’t mean all deadlines are doable. Find out what the project’s deadline is during the interview, and make an initial determination if you will be able to meet this deadline. However, advise the person conducting the interview that you will need to review all parts of the project before making a final determination.

7. What Software Will Be Used to Manage the Project?

Many different types of project management software exist, and your expertise with one type of software does not mean you will be prepared for using another. Ask about the type of software, and if you’re unfamiliar with it, ask if you will be provided training at the company’s expense.

The project management interview is your opportunity to decide if you want to proceed with and if you can be successful at a given project. Think about these questions, and ask them in every project interview you have.

Key Takeaway

  • What’s the project goal?
  • Who owns the project?
  • Can you commit to the duration?
  • How are hand-offs completed?
  • What’s the risk to the company?
  • What’s the preferred deadline?
  • Are you familiar with the company’s project management software?