5 Ways to Use Staff Augmentation Services To Your Advantage

Those who have worked on major projects will understand the importance of staff augmentation services in getting the job done successfully. Implementing workplace change is always a challenge, often demanding some short- or mid-term help. Among the popular projects that benefit from additional trained staff are installing new IT or procedural systems, merger with and/or acquisition of organizations; company expansion or contraction (downsizing), and all major projects needing trained, experienced staff.

Staff augmentation services deliver multiple benefits to organizations, their regular full-time staff and the ability to stay on the right path to successful project completion. These five advantages are among the most important.

Important Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

1. Organizations Save Money

Instead of hiring full-time employees at long-term cost, organizations pay only for the help they need during the project period. Along with this cost savings, companies also save recruiting, payroll tax, job advertising, and resume evaluation costs, saving even more dollars.

2. Get the Specific Skills Needed

Once organizations define the exact skills needed for a project, they use staff augmentation services to get the ideal staff for the project to be completed. Since these people already have the skill sets needed, the learning curve will be short. This experienced, talented staff begins making positive contributions almost immediately.

3. Receive Benefits from Collective Experience with Similar Projects

Using staff augmentation delivers additional advantages because short-term staff often have faced similar potential road blocks while working on prior projects. They typically have learned effective techniques and solutions to troubling issues that occur. Their experience at solving common problems brings great value to organizations unfamiliar with similar project problems and resolution techniques.

4. Organizations Employ Unbiased Staff

A common, debilitating situation among company employees is a small–or strong–resistance to workplace change. Even leading employers face this situation. Longer-term employees often adopt a “this is the way we’ve always done it” position, rejecting the changes. Many may even hold this view after learning the changes will benefit them personally. Using staff augmentation eliminates most resistance, as these project veterans maintain their unbiased focus on contributing to a successfully completed project.

5. Benefit of Flexibility

Instead of spending the time and money to recruit, interview, hire, and train employees for a specific project, organizations can react quickly to changing conditions by using top staff augmentation firms. The possibilities of a well-planned project to change, expand or contract its scope, and/or suffer unanticipated road blocks, are real and happen frequently. These issues demand quick, effective action, elevating the need for flexibility to the top of a project “to do” list.


These benefits of staff augmentation action plans usually result in efficient, timely project completion. Organization benefits include:

  • Saving long-term personnel costs;
  • Having short-term staff with ideal skills;
  • Enjoying collective expertise with prior projects;
  • Using focused, unbiased staff to complete projects; and
  • Having the flexibility to react quickly to unanticipated project changes or problems.

All these benefits contribute to cost control and successful project management. While companies may derive additional benefits from staff augmentation services, the noted advantages typically apply to businesses, large and small, in all industries. To learn more about how your projects and organization can benefit from staff augmentation services, contact us. 

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