5 Steps To Becoming A More Productive Project Manager

Overcoming challenges and adapting to the needs and demands of your surroundings makes up the most common aspects of productive project managers. However, project managers are not born productive, and many continue to work hard to learn how to become more effective, productive, and reliable in their work.

Fortunately, the steps of becoming a productive project manager can be broken down into five unique things that you may not have thought of before.

1. Get on a Schedule

This is not the schedule for work. This is the schedule for when your body needs to recognize the need to go to bed and wake up at a predetermined time.

This is referred to as a circadian rhythm. The best way to start working on establishing your body’s circadian rhythm is to purchase an alarm clock, and turn off all electronic devices, if that is an option, before bed. Additionally, do not be tempted to over sleep or stay up late when you do not have to work the next morning.

2. Consider the Opinions of Your Employees

Employee feedback allows you to see outside viewpoints of your current decisions and thought processes. You may opt to improve your productivity by asking for employee feedback on any idea, plan, or change you make. Furthermore, team meetings make excellent time for sharing ideas and communicating with employees, which helps improve your productivity.

3. Do Not Take on Too Much

Project managers are notorious for always taking on more than what is reasonable. Although some parts of the project may require expansion, the project manager needs to understand that some project creep must be stopped in order to achieve the overall results of the project plan.  

This concept is further exemplified by project managers who assigned duties and responsibilities to staff members who have the tools and resources necessary to complete them.

4. The First Action of the Day Should Be Work

Depending on the progress of your project, it can be tempting to put off certain parts of your responsibilities in favor of something more enjoyable. For example, a project manager may not want to review the current resource availability for next week at the start of the day, and instead, he or she ops to visit the actual size of construction to see Is going.

Unfortunately, this is more likely to lead to missteps and errors in the schedule for the future of the project. The project manager should always adhere to the morning’s top needs, not things that would be more enjoyable.

5. Update Your Schedule and Task List Daily

At the end of the day, most people want to get out of the office and head home. However, this style of thinking is what leads to errors, and project managers need to always update the schedule and tasks list at the end of every day. This will ensure the next morning begins smoothly and help to reduce costs and delays in the completion of the project.

Productivity is the hallmark of project management, and by following these five steps, you can increase your productivity in your career, as well as in your personal life.

Key Takeaway

  • Get your body on a normal, routine sleeping schedule.
  • Consider the feedback and opinions of your employees.
  • Be willing to give up some responsibilities to other responsible parties.
  • Update your schedule and task list daily.