5 Signs That You Were Meant to Be a Project Manager

Have you thought about what you want to do with your life? If this sounds like the opening to a speech from high school, you’re not mistaken. However, project management is growing more each year. Companies need dedicated, worthy project managers, and you may be the right person for the job.

If you haven’t thought about this concept before, think about how to apply basic project management skills in your daily life. If you have noticed any of these five signs, you are probably meant to be a project manager.

You Have Never Had a Problem With Balancing Your Checkbook

Balancing your checkbook is basically a reflection of your budget. If you notice you have spent beyond your expectations, you routinely account for it when budgeting your checkbook. This is the basic skill of project management, which can be applied to both resource management and deadline adherence.

You Plan Out Your Work Schedule More Extensively Than Others

If I was in your life kind of, sort of know when they have to work, that’s great. However, do you know when you have to work three months from now? If not, do you have a general idea of when you will be needed at work?

If this sounds like you when thinking about your work schedule, you were meant to be a project manager. Project managers look beyond the immediate scope of their workload and identify when additional resources may be needed.

You Tend to Be the “Voice of Reason” In Disputes

A Project Manager hold the roles of scheduler, boss, and counselor. In project management, disputes or disagreements will arise, and the project manager needs to be able to define and create a solution that benefits all parties. If you negotiating skills have been used before to help solve disputes in work, home, or even at the grocery store, you were meant to be a project manager.

If you can determine how everyone will benefit from a different, new solution, you can stay productive under-pressure and manage project management team members.

You Do Not Worry About Problems; You Embrace Them

Life is full of challenges, and those who do not respond well to challenges fail.  If you see a problem as a challenge, not a defeat, you will be able to maintain your resolve in project management.  Since the challenges of project management vary by day, each challenge will help you grow as a leader and figure in this field.

Your Explanations For Your Reasoning Are Easy to Understand

In school, work, or recreation activities, you do not really need help explaining how you feel and why you feel that way. If you speak with another person, you want the other person to understand exactly what you meant. Strong communication skills are critical fundamental in project management if you understand fully explain yourself and your decisions, you were meant to be a project manager.

Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball, but you’ve been planning and waiting for it. If you have any of these five skills, you need to think of them as signs and guidance towards a career as a project manager.

Key Signs to Remember

  • You have great budgeting skills.
  • You know exactly when you have to work for months in advance and plan for these days.
  • You have strong negotiating skills.
  • You see as problems as challenges to overcome, not defeats.
  • You communicate thoroughly with others.