4 Ways Business Intelligence Will Make You a Better Project Manager

Big Data and analytics make up some of the most common buzzwords of today, but business intelligence can seem daunting and overly complicated.

In reality, business intelligence tools are designed to make your job and responsibilities easier in project management. If you have been avoiding them, you need to think about how the use of business intelligence will make you a better project manager in four ways.

1. Business Intelligence (BI) Allows You to Gain Your Experience in Other Industries

Project management is commonly associated with construction, but it can actually be applied to virtually any field. BI tools are giving project managers the opportunity to work in new fields, such as medicine. As a result, you will have more opportunities to increase your professionalism and experience, which will further drive your career.

2. Business Intelligence Tools Will Improve Your Communication Skills

Business intelligence is built on the principle of simplifying data for actual use. In a sense, this is exactly what communication is all about. You need to simplify your thoughts and the facts about a situation to communicate what you need.

Since BI tools perform these processes on every aspect of your project, you will be able to communicate better with members of your project management team, and skilled workers and upper-level management.

3. You Will Learn to Manage Time More Easily

Time management is one of the most complicated parts of project management. You need to know what is currently happening, what needs to be done, and how it can be accomplished within a given time frame.

Through the use of business intelligence, you can save time in reviewing all parts of your project. Since the budget and schedule make up the fundamentals of project management, you will be able to accomplish your responsibilities faster and with less stress.

4. BI Tools Enhance Collaboration and Leadership Qualities

When collaboration is lacking in the project management team, completing a project on time and within budget is nearly impossible. Although many different tutorials and training programs have been created to improve collaboration, improving collaboration remains a challenge among project managers.

BI systems directly improve collaboration by creating a documented trail and forum for all communication and measures of performance across an entire project from start to finish. Furthermore, BI helps you define how poorly performing team members can improve, which will help you become a leader among your staff.

The field of project management is changing, and as business intelligence tools become more readily available and embraced, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. However, these tools will make you a better project manager in several ways, and if you know how BI tools will improve your skills, you will want to start using them today.

Key Takeaway

  • BI may be used in projects outside of your previous experience, opening doors to projects in new industries, such as pharmaceutical and medical industries.
  • You will be more apt to communicate your expectations and needs when you know exactly what is going on in your project.
  • You will have more time to “manage” your project, not analyze data.
  • BI improves collaboration and helps build leadership qualities. 

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