3 Ways to Start a Career in Project Management

Project management is essential to the management of many different industries, ranging from information technology (IT) to construction, and it is growing.

In addition, some project management careers may require different degrees or courses of study, but many fields may only require a high school diploma or equivalent certification for entry. As a result, starting a career in project management boils down to three key paths, which include the following.

1. Complete Coursework, and Obtain Certifications to Start Your Project Management Career

Depending on the chosen industry, you may need to complete coursework at an educational institution. However, you may apply to study and take exams for certifications by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Most notably, the Project Management Professional (PMP) examination is the globally recognized certification in project management.

Ultimately, starting your coursework sooner, which is often available online, will help you enter the field of project management faster. More importantly, going after these certifications will demonstrate to potential employers your assets and determination, which increases the likelihood of being hired in the future.

2. Apply to Work as an Intern or Entry-Level Employee for a Large-Scale Company Involved in Multiple Projects

Large-scale companies involved in multiple projects are excellent venues of opportunity for entering the field of project management. You may apply to work as an intern, which will help you when applying for a paid position, or you may work as an entry-level employee.

The potential opportunities are virtually endless, and if you find a large-scale company, you may have the chance to travel abroad and learn new skills and experiences in the field. As a result, you will be better prepared when taking the PMP examination or applying for a higher-paying position in project management.

Some companies or educational institutions may offer course credit for internships completed and work background in project management, regardless of the particular industry. As a result, you may have experience applicable to project management without even realizing it. So, speak with a counselor or educational adviser on what experience may be used for course credit when looking to enter the field of project management.

3. Work With a Project Management Agency

Working with an agency is another way of starting your project management career. For example, some staff augmentation companies may hire applicants with little to no experience in project management for simple assignments.

Do not expect to land an assignment in upper-level management immediately. You will need to gain experience and possibly certifications in project management before you will be assigned to higher-paying positions. However, working with an agency can open doors to additional positions as a project management professional in the future.

Project management is an exciting field of study, and the opportunities for growth and success abound around the globe within it. By understanding the three basic ways of entering the field, you can kick-start your career in project management in the direction and industry you prefer.

Key Takeaway

  • The traditional, educational route of completing a degree and associated coursework is the most basic way of entering the field of project management.
  • Some companies may offer internships or entry-level positions to help inexperienced professionals start a project management career. Look for large-scale companies with ongoing, multiple project opportunities.
  • Project management agencies are excellent venues for learning more about project management and getting your face in front of upper-level managers and different companies, even if you are assigned to an entry-level position.
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