15 Skills the Best Project Managers Carry

As a project manager, you have found yourself in a variety of difficult situations and distressing events. However, the best project managers are able to adapt and survive these situations through their skill set.

To help you grow as a project manager, or if you’re currently involved in the project management team, take a moment to look at the following 15 skills of the best project managers.

Skills That The Best Project Managers Carry

1. Communication

Without communication, a civilized society would not be possible. The best project managers have exceptional communication skills. They understand the need to thoroughly communicate their wants and wishes. Furthermore, they know failure to communicate their needs is a reflection of their own limitations, so communicating remains their top priority. 

2. Listening Skills

Listening is the natural counterpart to communication. To understand why something needs to be completed in a specific manner, the best project managers must listen to executives, coworkers, and team members.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

When presented with a challenging situation, project managers must determine a way to complete their charge. This may include budget problems, issues with local governments, or environmental concerns. By searching for alternate ways to address a problem, a project manager can devise a strategy to complete the project in accordance with the original plans.

4. Budgeting

Project managers must have strong budgeting skills. If a project manager misappropriates a budget, an entire project could collapse.

5. Teamwork

The best project managers understand the value of teamwork. When you have a horde of angry followers, nothing can be accomplished. However, working together will let things proceed smoothly and quickly.

6. Intelligence

Project managers must be smart. They need to understand why a project’s goals will benefit society. This will allow them to explain rationale to team members and complete projects more efficiently.

7. Dispute-Resolution Skills

Disputes will always arise. The project manager needs to be able to resolve these disputes without costing the company money in terms of termination costs, lawsuits, or other disruptions in workflow.

8. “Highlighting” Skills

When you analyze a page of information, you may want to highlight the most important parts. The best project managers understand what warrants recollection. If something is not important, it does not need to be noted.

9. Understands the Value of Information

Project managers have access to more information than any other person working on a given project. However, they must never use this information as a weapon against their coworkers. They must understand the value of information and its ability to wound.

10. Approachability

Project managers need to be approachable. This will ensure workers ask questions when needed and communicate with the project manager.

11. Compassionate

Project managers need to understand the human element of a project. If a team member has an emergency, he should be given time off if feasible. Furthermore, a project manager must take into account how his actions will be viewed by other team members.

12. Leadership

The best project managers must take a leadership and accountability role in their duties. if a team member falters, the project manager should provide guidance and accept responsibility for the team member’s actions.

13. Creative Thinking

Some solutions do not fall within the scope of problem-solving skills. They require the use of tools and strategies beyond expectations. This is referred to as creative thinking. Creative thinking might be involved in determining how to create a schedule, stretch finite material resources, or answer to risk analysis requests.

14. Risk Analysis

Project managers must understand how outside influences impact their project. If a single risk is ignored, it could undermine an entire project.

15. Willing to Learn

The best project managers always have this skill, a willingness to learn. They know education is unending, and you can always learn as you grow. You never stop growing until you refuse to learn anything new.

These 15 skills are the common elements of the best project managers. Learn them, study them, and use them. You will see a difference in your career.

Key Things to Remember

  • Listen and communicate in an approachable and compassionate manner.
  • Search for alternative solutions to problems and think of never-before-used ways of addressing concerns.
  • Keep your team working together by resolving disputes and maintaining your leadership position.
  • Think about budgets logically, intelligently, and ensure you have covered all possible risks to your project.
  • Take note of important project aspects and ignore irrelevant information.
  • Always keep your mind open to learning.